‘Days of our Lives’: Is Sal Stowers Pregnant — Real Life Lani Pregnancy?

Days of our LivesLani Price is pregnant, but is actress Sal Stowers expecting a baby too? Fans wonder if the SPD detective’s portrayer is also pregnant, and the baby bump is the real deal. Well, we’ve got the answer for you about Lani, Sal, and pregnancy on the NBC soap.

Lani Price and Actress Playing Her Both Pregnant on Days of our Lives?

On the NBC soap, Lani Price is baby bumping, and she and her husband, Eli Grant (Lamon Archey), found out she’s carrying twins. You’ll remember Lani’s stressed about her pregnancy after losing baby David, the last time she was pregnant on Days of our Lives.

Spoilers know Eli’s stressed too – because Lani Price put herself at risk by aiding and abetting Kristen DiMera (Stacy Haiduk). So, Eli doesn’t want Lani tossed in prison and giving birth behind bars. This week, Eli begs Kristen to lie and cover for Lani, so she’s not in trouble.

Days of our Lives spoilers predict Kristen does as he asks because she wants to protect Lani and the babies she carries. We’ve still got a couple of months to go in Lani Price’s pregnancy, so fans will see her bump grow. But is that the real deal because Sal Stowers is pregnant too?

Days of Our Lives Spoilers: Eli Grant (Lamon Archey) - Lani Price (Sal Stowers)

What About Sal Stowers – Is DOOL Star Pregnant in Real-Life Too?

We can confirm that Days of our Lives talent Sal Stowers is definitely not pregnant, although her alter-ego Lani Price is deep into her pregnancy on the soap. The first thing to know is that DOOL tapes six to eight months ahead (or did before the pandemic).

So, the Days of our Lives scenes you’re seeing now with Lani filmed early this year. If Sal were pregnant, she would have had her baby by now. However, Sal Stowers isn’t pregnant. She’s also not married (unless she’s gotten hitched in secret and is hiding it brilliantly).

You can also see a range of pics of Sal from early this year until now (below). There are clearly no signs of pregnancy, unlike Lani Price on the Days of our Lives set. Sal Stowers is slim, trim, with six-pack abs, and in her best shape ever. In fact, she recently obtained a Nat’l Academy of Sports Medicine certification.

Days of Our Lives: Lani Price (Sal Stowers)

Lani’s Life Plans vs. Sal Stowers – What’s the Days of our Lives Actress Up to?

In addition to getting her personal trainer certification while upping her fitness game, Sal Stowers kept busy in other ways this year. She filmed some PSAs for COVID-19 awareness. She also joined some awareness marches this year and added her voice to those in the community.

Besides her work as Lani on Days of our Lives, Sal’s committed to World Vision, her primary philanthropic cause. In Summer 2019, Sal Stowers visited Zambia to shine a light on how many girls miss school there because they must carry water to and from their villages.

Sal Stowers also runs marathons – one of them to raise funds for World Vision – and this year served as an ambassador for the LA Marathon. So, with all that going on, she’s definitely not pregnant – as is her Days of our Lives counterpart Lani Price.

Congratulations to Sal Stowers on her work in Zambia and her recent NASM certification. Meanwhile, DOOL fans are counting the minutes until Lani has her babies. But no, Sal Stowers isn’t pregnant – just Lani Price.

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