‘Days of our Lives’ Comings & Goings: Hope Brady Last Airdate Revealed – Loose Ends Left Dangling

Days of our Lives comings and goings for Hope Brady (Kristian Alfonso) reveal her last airdate comes in two weeks. However, we also know that her exit’s not tied up in a neat bow, and loose ends are left hanging. Here’s what happens between now and then as Kristian raps her almost four-decade run on the NBC soap.

Days of our Lives Comings & Goings: Hope Brady Desperate to Find Daughter

DOOL comings and goings also know Ciara Brady’s out too as Victoria Konefal quit the NBC sudser too. However, the search for Ciara’s still on with Hope Brady leading the charge. Last week, Claire Brady (Isabel Durant) told Ben Weston (Robert Scott Wilson) that Ciara might be alive.

So, Ben goes to find Hope so he can help predict Days of our Lives spoilers. Together, Ben and Hope chase down Vincent Belman (Michael Teh). Now, she knows Ciara didn’t die in the car fire. Forensic evidence proves that. That means Vincent holds the only clue to her fate.

It’ll be Wednesday, September 30, on Days of our Lives when Ben is with Hope, and they finally find Vincent. Things go badly on Friday, October 2, when Ben threatens Vincent’s life. He demands the villain tell him and Hope Brady what he’s done with Ciara. But, things sound dire on DOOL.

Days of our Lives Spoilers: Hope Brady (Kristian Alfonso) - Abe Carver (James Reynolds)

DOOL Spoilers: Hope Won’t Get Daughter Back – Will Search Continue?

As the following week kicks off on October 5, a terrified (and mentally unbalanced) Vincent comes clean to Hope Brady. Days of our Lives spoilers explain that he reveals Ciara’s fate to Hope. However, it seems very unlikely that Vincent hands over Ciara since the actress left the show.

Instead, Days of our Lives comings and goings suggest Hope and Ben are crushed by what they learn. As the NBC sudser sets up Ciara’s exit, there’s little doubt they leave room for her return. It could be that Ms. Konefal decides to return one day. Or, DOOL might recast the role.

In the meantime, Hope Brady’s Days of our Lives exit will not tie up neatly. Reportedly, Kristian Alfonso quit while the soap was on hiatus and never returned to film. So, there are no tidy wrap-up scenes. Plus, things get weird when they begin to mesh new and old scenes.

Days of our Lives: Hope Brady (Kristian Alfonso)

Kristian Alfonso’s Final Airdate – When Does She Leave Days of our Lives?

Starting Tuesday, October 6, DOOL episodes will be a blend of some pre-COVID and post-COVID scenes. So, keep an eye out for strange continuity, hair and makeup changes, and other signs of disjointed filming. Then, October 8-9 are preemptions, so there’s nothing new with Hope.

Then, new mixed episodes of Days of our Lives resume on Monday, October 12. Watch for final scenes with Hope. Kristian Alfonso’s last airdate as Hope Brady is Wednesday, October 14, barring unforeseen preemptions not already on the schedule. But, it’ll be strange as Hope just disappears abruptly.

Later, on Days of our Lives, watch for other characters to explain Hope’s absence. There should also be some calls where she “phones” home for one-sided conversations with others. But, Kristian’s gone, and unless they recast, that’s it for Hope Brady. There’s not many episodes left…

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