‘Days of Our Lives’ Bonnie and Hattie Play Catch Up – Together again

Days of Our Lives spoilers reveal Hattie Adams (Deidre Hall) and Bonnie Lockhart (Judi Evans) catch up now that both of them are out of jail. Free to roam around Salem (for the time being), Hattie and Bonnie find the time to catch up and bond. With both of their personalities, this moment is definitely one to watch.

Days of Our Lives Spoilers: Best Friends Forever?

Days of Our Lives spoilers show Bonnie Lockhart and her pal Hattie Adams are both free and out of jail, even if it’s just momentarily. However, both ladies being out of jail at the same time in Salem hasn’t happened in while. Spoilers reveal that now that they’re both free women, they meet up and have a few drinks, catching each other up on just what they’re doing with their lives at the moment.

Does this mean that Hattie spills all about how she’s pretending to be Marlena Evans (also played by Deidre Hall)? Or maybe Bonnie confesses to her about how she’s pretending to have a baby with Lucas Horton (Bryan Datillo) to stay out of jail? Who knows, maybe these two will even give each other some hysterical pointers!

Bonnie Lockhart and Hattie have loads to talk about, and it’s bound to be full of enjoyment. Two of the funniest characters on Days of Our Lives, together in the same scene? Talk about a riot! Here’s to hoping that Hattie Adams fills Bonnie in on her crush on Roman Brady (Josh Taylor).

DOOL Spoilers: The History of Bonnie Lockhart & Hattie Adams

The history of Bonnie and Hattie is fun and dramatic, just like the two characters. Most recently, Hattie helped Bonnie take the place of Adrienne Johnson (also played by Judi Evans), as Bonnie looks very similar to her. The two ladies were supposed to work with Anjelica Deveraux (Morgan Fairchild), but ultimately they stopped listening to what Anjelica wanted them to do.

This led to a huge blowup, which then resulted in Anjelica collapsing and ultimately dying. Hattie Adams and Bonnie put the dead Anjelica into Lucas’s bed after Bonnie and Lucas hooked up.

As Hattie helped Adrienne escape from jail before, we’re assuming the two will meet up in great spirits with each other. Hattie and her friend Bonnie have always been two loose cannons that have always seemed to get along for the most part. Now that they’re both free, there’s no telling what the two could get up to together!

Days of Our Lives Spoilers: Will Bonnie & Hattie Team Up Together?

Now that Bonnie Lockhart and her friend Hattie are both free (for the time being) and equally causing their own brand of chaos in Salem, will these two besties team up? They both have a lot going on at the moment. Maybe a little help from each other could help them both out.

For one, Bonnie has the little issue of Lucas wanting everything to do with his daughter. However, the little baby isn’t actually his daughter, nor is it Bonnie’s. It’s Mimi Lockhart’s (Farah Fath Galfond). Now that Lucas is trying to sue for sole custody for a baby he doesn’t even realize isn’t his, could Hattie help Bonnie out?

Or maybe Bonnie could help Hattie out. After all, we have a feeling John Black (Drake Hogestyn) is going to do everything he can to get out of the marriage to her. Plus, Marlena is awake and healthy now. Hattie’s freedom could be coming to an end. However, we all know how much she dreads going back to jail. Maybe Bonnie could give her a few pointers on how she evaded jail time!


While we’re not sure if Hattie and Bonnie will team up and grace our screens together more than once, we can only dream. However, it’s going to be a joy seeing these old friends reunite, even if just for an episode! Make sure to head back to Soap Dirt daily for all the latest Days of Our Lives spoilers and news.