‘Day of Our Lives’ Spoilers: JJ Deveraux Moving On- New Woman In His Life?

Days of Our Lives spoilers tease JJ Deveraux (Casey Moss) is ready to move on. There is a new woman in town that will catch his eye. Is this woman the one to allow JJ to put both Lani Price (Sal Stowers) and Gabi Hernandez (Camila Banus) in his rearview mirror for good?

Days of Lives Spoilers – JJ Deveraux, Serial Cheater

To say JJ Deveraux has been unlucky in love on NBC’s Days of Our Lives is an understatement. JJ’s romances all failed because he cheated on each woman he claimed to love. JJ is his own worst enemy when it comes to love. He cheated on his first love Paige Larson (True O’Brien) with her very own mother Eve Donovan (Kassie DePaiva). After Paiges’s death, he found love with her half-sister Gabi Hernandez.

Of course, JJ Deveraux had to go and ruin that relationship too on Days of Our Lives. While in Miami searching for his presumed dead sister, Abigail Deveraux (Marci Miller), he had a drunken one night stand with Lani Price. Eventually, Gabi broke up with JJ and he moved on with Lani. That relationship eventually fell apart due to cheating. This time JJ was the one cheated on. Lani had a one night stand with Eli Grant (Lamon Archey). That one night stand resulted in a pregnancy that Lani was attempting to pass as JJ’s child.

Gabi Hernandez and JJ Deveraux -Friends or Lovers?

Days of Our Lives spoilers show JJ and Gabi have formed a strong friendship since their break up. One may even go as far as saying they are best friends. They have both been there for each other when no one else was.  Gabi was the friend JJ needed to stop him from attempting suicide last Christmas on Days of Our Lives.

JJ Deveraux was firmly in Gabi’s corner during her time in prison earlier this year at the hands of Abby’s alters. Over the last few months, it looked like these two were headed for a reconciliation until JJ started believing Abby’s accusations that Gabi was setting her up. It is clear these two never stopped loving each other but is that love strong enough to withstand Gabi’s revenge of Abby. Is blood thicker than water? Will a romance between JJ and Gabi be collateral damage in Gabi’s quest for revenge?

Days of Our Lives Spoilers – A New Love Interest For JJ?

Days of Our Lives spoilers confirm that Thia Megia has been cast as Hayley Chen.  Watching the winter promo video you can sense the near instant attraction between Haley and JJ. Haley is a nurse at Salem University Hospital.  Since JJ Deveraux is an EMT,  it was inevitable their paths cross. Hayley catches JJ’s eye. This is the first woman JJ has shown interest in since his messy breakup with Lani according to Days of Our Lives spoilers.  Could Hayley be the woman JJ needs to firmly move past his trail of broken hearts?

We don’t know much about Days of Our Lives‘ Hayley Chen. It will be interesting to see if she has family ties to Salem.  Maybe she is Paul Narita’s (Christopher Sean) long-lost sister? Hopefully, the writers do this new character justice. JJ definitely deserves to find love. Maybe Hayley will end up being his soul mate!

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