‘Dancing with the Stars’: Hannah Brown Shows Off “Battle Scars” and Bruises

Dancing with the Stars contestant Hannah Brown has been throwing herself into rehearsal, literally. The former Bachelorette showed off a pretty gruesome bruise she got on her thigh from practice. So, far she’s been excelling on the dancing show and has quickly become a fan-favorite. She’s definitely got the battle scars to prove it and she showed them off to all of her followers on Sunday night.

Hannah Brown Joins ‘Dancing with the Stars’ Cast

Bachelorette fans were devastated for a number of reasons when Hannah Brown’s season ended. For one, the fact that she had to deal with the whole Jed Wyatt scandal. Then it was the idea that she would no longer be gracing their television screens every Monday night.

But they didn’t have to wait long before Hannah Brown was announced as one of the cast members for the 2019 season of Dancing with the Stars. She’s partnered with professional dancer Alan Bersten and they share a great connection. It’s obvious from the way they perform on stage that they have been working really hard.

Hannah & Alan Dating Rumors

Of course, it wasn’t long until people were making assumptions that Hannah Brown and Alan Bersten were dating. The two did a Q&A on Instagram where one brave fan asked if they were “a thing”. Alan and Hannah played along for a minute saying “yeah we’re a thing: Team Alabama Hannah!” Roll tide!

But Hannah quickly cleared things up in a recent interview with US Weekly. Despite their connection, Hannah and Alan are not dating and the two are just friends. Right now, she is focused on her winning the Dancing with the Stars mirrorball trophy.

Dancing with the Stars: She Shows Off Giant Bruise

The quest for first place doesn’t come without its trials. Hannah Brown shared a video of what comes with hard work and dedication. The former Miss Alabama showed off a large bruise on her upper thigh from one of her rehearsals. “I want to show you guys one of my battle scars from this week,” she announced in her Insta story, “it’s pretty gnarly”. But she also shared that it came from practicing a really cool trick that she, “can’t wait to show you guys!”

Watch Hannah dance tonight at 8 pm on ABC!

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