‘Counting On’: Which Jim Bob Duggar Grandkid Is His Mini-Me?

Counting On‘s Jim Bob Duggar steals the spotlight again – this time on the big day of one of his grandkids that fans think is his mini-me. One young man was celebrating his birthday, but fans chimed in to say that he looks just like the family patriarch, Jim Bob. Who is the little Jim Bob Duggar lookalike? None other than the son of Josh Duggar Michael.

Counting On: Jim Bob Duggar’s Mini-Me Celebrates His Birthday

Jim Bob Duggar’s grandson from Counting On is recently celebrated his ninth birthday. His mother Anna Duggar calls him a diligent little guy. She also goes on to say that she can’t believe how fast time is flying with him. Anna talks about how he commits himself to everything he does. And notes that one of his latest projects is repairing bicycles.

There weren’t any photos of the big family of Jim Bob Duggar together. It seems like they may still be practicing social distancing. Or they might not want to show fans their big get-togethers and get a lot of flack because of it. Either way, it looks like young Michael of Counting On had an amazing birthday. Although, Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar couldn’t be there.

Counting On: Michael Duggar

Duggar Genes Are Strong

Fans look at Jim Bob Duggar of Counting On side-by-side with his grandson Michael and they are shocked. They look so much alike and fans believe he will grow up to look just like his grandfather. His Dad, Josh, does look a little bit like Jim Bob, but not as much as Michael looks like his grandpop.

Other Counting On viewers think he is going to grow out of looking like his Duggar grandpa, but either way—there is no denying this young man is a Duggar. As he grows, we will be able to see if he keeps his looks or morphs into looking different than Jim Bob on Counting On.

Counting On: Jim Bob Duggar - Michael Duggar

Counting On Fans Wonder If They’ll See Michael In Season 11

Fans of the show Counting On that airs Tuesday nights at 8 pm on TLC wonder if they are going to get to watch Michael on the show. His mother won’t be a feature person on the show this season. But does that mean missing out on seeing her children as well? Many fans hope the young boy isn’t in the mix with the Duggar drama.

The 11th season of Counting On airs soon and everyone will get their Duggar fix. We’re waiting to hear who makes guest appearances on the show featuring Jim Bob Duggar and his growing clan. But we do know who didn’t come along from next season, so Anna isn’t one we will look for.

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