‘Counting On’ Star Kendra Caldwell Drops Jaws With Post-Baby Body

Counting On celebrated Kendra Caldwell’s 20th birthday with a few photos. Fans don’t miss a thing so with the Duggar family and fans took notice. This Counting On star didn’t drop jaws because she’s aged overnight. No – that wasn’t it, she had fans in amazement over Kendra Caldwell’s post-baby body.

Counting On – Duggar Family Chimes In On Kendra Caldwell

Kendra Caldwell is Joseph Duggar’s wife and along with the pictures posted on the Duggar Family, Official Facebook page came birthday wishes as well. The several different pictures of the Counting On new mom got tongues wagging over how terrific she looks.

It was only two months ago that Kendra Caldwell gave birth to her first child on Counting On. His name is Garrett and you can see the new mom and dad with their son in one of the pictures below. While the baby is adorable, it was Kendra who got most of the attention. She looked like she was in fantastic shape after giving birth just a few months back.

The picture above is of Kendra Caldwell and her sister-in-law, Joy-Anna Duggar, who is Joseph Duggar’s sister. The family made sure to offer up their happy birthday wishes for the new mom.

Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar Send Their Wishes as Well

The heads of the Counting On Duggar family, Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar, also posted a message for Kendra on her birthday as well. They wrote:

“Happy Birthday Kendra!! We are so thankful to have you in our family! You are a wonderful wife, mother, daughter, and sister! We pray for God’s blessings in this next year, and we hope you have a great birthday!!”

Counting On – Kendra Caldwell

If you are looking for a birthday post to Kendra Caldwell from her husband, you won’t find one. According to Celebrity Insider, he didn’t write one but he has shared his love for his wife in past posts.

He went all out on a post he titled’ Our Story’, which he published on a blog. Joseph knew from the first time they talked that Kendra Caldwell had something special about her. Kendra’s husband also said that he so learned that being together was the direction “the Lord was taking them in.”

He gushed about her being his best friend and how the two shared similar interests. It turns out the two had been praying to meet someone who shared the same qualities they had. It appears their prayers were answered, or at least that is how they see it.

Duggar Family Plan

The two were married in September and they followed in the Counting On Duggar Family tradition of immediately getting pregnant. The baby was born exactly nine months after they said their nuptials.

The birth of her baby played out on the special Joe & Kendra’s First Baby. She gave birth in a hospital instead of at home and her labor lasted about 10 hours.

Today she’s turning heads for looking so terrific post-pregnancy. She bounced back in no time!

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