‘Counting On’ Spoilers: John David Duggar and Abbie – Different Courtship Rules Than Siblings – PDA Allowed!

Counting On spoilers say that newlyweds John David Duggar and Abbie Burnett reveal that they followed different courtship rules than other Duggars. Showing some personal display of affection was allowed! John David and Abbie got engaged in July 2018. They married in November 2018.

John David Duggar explains that each Duggar gets to make their own rules when it comes to their courtship. Due to their ages, he and Abbie Burnett they decided to do things a little differently than her siblings. However, will they save their first kiss for the wedding day?

Counting On Spoilers: Courtship Rules for Abbie Burnett and John David Duggar

In the Counting On spoilers, John David reveals that Abbie and him set their own guidelines when it came to their courtship. Abbie Burnett and John David were a lot older than the other Duggars when they began courting. Therefore, they believed that they should be able to do a little more. Since they are more advanced in maturity.

A Little Bit of PDA…

Courtship rules specify what they are and aren’t allowed to do when it comes to PDA (public displays of affection). So these Counting On spoilers say that John David Duggar and his now-wife allowed some contact. Most of the other Duggars weren’t allowed any.

These two decided they would allow themselves to hug and hold hands. John David Duggar explains that he even can put his arm around Abbie Burnett. They feel like this display of affection is appropriate in their stage of life. But it’s certainly a far cry from how most people date these days.

Counting On Spoilers: Very Strict Relationship Guidelines

In the Counting On spoilers, Abbie Burnett states that at the very beginning of their courtship, he and Abbie sat down and set up guidelines for their relationship. They set boundaries in regard to how much they can touch and things of that nature. This allowed them to know where to stop.

In the spoilers, both John and his love Abbie reveal that their goal is to honor God. They also don’t want to have any regrets. John David admits that is the main thing for them. From there on they were able to set their standards and what they expect from the relationship. Making sure that he and Abby are being respectful to each other was important. However, keeping their main goal always in mind was important for this Counting On couple as John David Duggar shares.

Counting On Spoilers: Save The Kissing For the Wedding!

The Duggar family bans kissing until they are married. Each Duggar saved their first kiss for their wedding day. These Counting On newlyweds were no different. They have decided to include that rule in their courtship guidelines. Despite being able to do more touching than the other Duggar children did.

In the Counting On spoilers, new husband John David reveals their strict guidelines included that they are not going to kiss until they are married. Despite being able to hold hands and hug, there will be no smooching. So that means Abbie and her sweetheart are saving their first kiss for their big wedding day. This will make their first kiss special. Watch John David propose to Abbie Burnett in the new season on TLC.

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