‘Counting On’: Shocking News for Michelle Duggar and Family

Counting On‘s Michelle Duggar recently got some very exciting news. The family has had its fair share of good and bad news shockers. But this one was a happy one. She even got the news in a very cool way.

Counting On: Michelle Duggar Is Going to Be a Grandma – Again

Michelle Duggar from the show Counting On has her bunch of children. And it only makes sense that she is going to have grandkids coming right and left. In fact, this year, there are five different Duggar babies coming. Who was the latest surprise baby for Michelle?

Jeremy Vuolo and wife Jinger Duggar dropped an adorable surprise during their family night. They were gathered together and Jeremy, Jinger, and Felicity hopped on video chat with everyone else. They were showing everyone a gingerbread house with a family. And when you looked at the mom, it had a little pregnancy bump to show Jinger was pregnant.

Counting On: Jinger Duggar - Jeremy Vuolo

Jinger and Jeremy Are Excited About Their Rainbow Baby

Michelle from Counting On had her own experiences with miscarriages. And the thought of seeing your children experience miscarriages is equally as painful. Jeremy and Jinger hadn’t shared about their miscarriage before their newly announced pregnancy.

Now the announcement of the new baby arriving at the end of 2020 has Michelle and the whole family excited. There are four other babies that are going to be born which means plenty of playmates. Fans of Counting On are going to get to see some of the births on TLC when the show airs.

Counting On: Michelle Duggar

The New Season of Counting On Revolves Around Jinger’s Family

Viewers of Counting On first found out there was going to be a new season from Jinger and husband Jeremy. While fans were a little concerned the couple was going to be on outs with the family, it seems like that is not the case. Michelle and Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar have even come out to Los Angeles to visit the couple.

There was some talk that for a short time Jim Bob Duggar has disowned her for moving to LA. But that is all in the past. And it seems like everything is going well. In fact, it seems like the Vuolo family is going to be the new focus of the show. Jill Duggar and Derek Dillard are no longer a part of the show, so it makes sense they would find a new favorite for fans.

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