‘Counting On’: Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar Praise Kids for Weird Gift

Counting On‘s Michelle Duggar and Jim Bob Duggar were shocked at the weird gift their son James Duggar came up with for them. His unique skills are impressive and Jim Bob and Michelle give his gift the stamp of approval.

Counting On: Michelle Duggar Is Sad About the Family Tree

Recently Michelle Duggar and her husband Jim Bob Duggar from Counting On noticed that their favorite tree was having problems. The tree in the front yard was going to start losing its limbs. And of course, that means that it was likely going to have to come down. The tree was big and beautiful and it was painful to think about their old friend not being there anymore.

But the good news is that Jim Bob Duggar’s family has a whole bunch of creative family members. The family member that came to the rescue this time was their 19-year-old son, James. The 13th child recently had a birthday and his parents shared some sweet things about him. Some of the things they said were that he is the fun uncle all the boys look up to.

Now that we see this interesting gift James from Counting On came up with, we can see why all the kids want to be like their uncle James.

Counting On: Jim Bob - Michelle Duggar

Family Memories Are Here to Stay

When James noticed everyone was sad about the tree, he did something about it. Counting On star Michelle Duggar said they made the decision to cut the tree down. In fact, the limbs were all gone but she looked and was surprised to see the trunk is still there. And James was testing out his chain saw skills.

All of Jim Bob’s boys and most of the girls have the ability to work with their hands. After all, most of them helped build their house that we see built on some specials done on them in the early years. The family did end up getting some extra help, but much of the work is from the Duggar parents and kids.

Jim Bob Duggar from Counting On no doubt was proud to see that James did an amazing job carving out Duggar. Michelle said she thinks he did a fantastic job on the project.

Counting On: Jim Bob - Michelle Duggar

Counting On: Jim Bob Duggar Makes His Mark

Fans of Counting On believe that Jim Bob Duggar will think this is the perfect gift. How could Jim Bob not love to have his last name up in large wooden letters? Another thing viewers are noticing is that the show is slowly morphing back into 19 and Counting.

Viewers saw that one of the latest episodes was about the parents and the kids when they were young. Could they be airing this because they have very little content from the Duggar family due to COVID-19? Some of the fans believe that it is because Jim Bob Duggar wants the show to be about him and Michelle Duggar again.

Whatever the case, people are expressing they don’t want to see the parents. They say they want to see the kids of the family and what they are doing with their lives.

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