‘Counting On’: Michelle Duggar’s Shocking Childhood Reveal

Counting On‘s Michelle Duggar is serene and calm in most people’s eyes. Many people only think of Michelle as Jim Bob’s right-hand woman. The way her parents brought her up shocks many people. As her childhood was revealed, many fans started to question what went wrong.

Counting On: Michelle Duggar the Cheerleader

Michelle Duggar from Counting On had a very different life as a child than her own children. Her family was not conservative at all and let her be on the cheer team. Some of the fans are shocked to know that she showed her knees and even thighs.

Michelle shared that she grew up in a family that gave her plenty of freedom as a teenager. She didn’t have to follow a lot of rules like her children do. But in fact, she said her parents spoiled her. She had outside friendships that weren’t family and she went to public school instead of being homeschooled.

Counting On: Michelle Duggar

Michelle Meets Jim Bob Duggar

Michelle Duggar of Counting On wasn’t always a Christian and in fact, she never mentions her family being religious. Jim Bob and her met when he was out knocking on doors to evangelize. Jim Bob Duggar even said that he asked God if she could be his. And it appears that God must have said yes.

After a year of praying, Michelle ended up working at the ice cream shop that Jim Bob’s mom owned. After a few times of coming to the store to help his mom with routine maintenance, the Counting On patriarch got up the courage to ask her to his school banquet. She said yes.

Counting On: Michelle Duggar

Strange Rules Fans of Counting On Notice

Despite the fact that Michelle Duggar was a spoiled child with few rules, her own children have to follow many rules. Fans notice there are some extra weird ones. And here are some of them you might not know about besides for the no pants for women and no staring at attractive women rules.

The Duggar family from Counting On cannot go to the beach. There is too much bare skin to tempt their young ones with, so they avoid it altogether. Another rule is that no one dates. But instead, they have to court which is more like dating with a purpose vs. dating to have fun.

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