‘Counting On’: Michelle Duggar’s Bizarre PDA Now Practiced By Daughters?

Counting On matriarch Michelle Duggar knows how to show her deep-rooted love for her husband without hands-on while out in public. The reason for this has to do with some old fashion values that she holds near and dear.

Michelle raised her children with the same values she believes in. Viewers of the show often see the result of this upbringing during the Counting On episodes. But this didn’t start with Michelle Duggar.

It seems many of these values were put in place by Michelle’s husband. So Jim Bob Duggar not only created the rules, he strictly enforces them as well across his Counting On clan.

Counting On: Michelle Duggar – Like Mother, Like Daughters

Out of the Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar’s 19 children, nine of them are daughters. Fans watched the Counting On women grow up and then take on husbands of their own.

So, when watching the Duggar girls interact with their husbands you can’t help but notice a similarity. It seems some of Michelle’s habits rubbed off on them. Especially with the way they treat their men from the dating stage all the way through to married life.

Anyone who follows Michelle Duggar is well aware her husband calls the shots for the family. But like a dutiful wife and mother, she follows them closely.

But there’s more than just duty bestowed in the mother of the Counting On stars. It appears Michelle has a tendency to show her affection for her husband while in public. But she does this often without laying a hand on him.

So, Michelle perfected a way to demonstrate her love for her Counting On husband when in public. Now the girls follow in their mom’s footsteps.

Counting On: Michelle Duggar - Jim Bob Duggar

Wide-Eye Gaze…

It seems Michelle Duggar is known for her own brand of public display of affection (PDA). She’s done it so many times that fans coined a term for the Counting On mom’s interaction with Jim Bob Duggar in public. It’s called the “Duggar gaze”.

At times it might look like Michelle’s eyes mirror those of a deer caught in the headlights. That’s if that wide-eyed gaze lasts a little longer than it should. But Michelle Duggar perfected the cocking of her head just right. Then with a turned-up angle, she delivers that gaze.

While the family practices hands-off affection in public, the Counting On fans seem to think it’s much different at home. A constant stream of questions come up on social media about one Duggar daughter or the other having another baby.


Counting On: Michelle Gets Creative

It sounds like Michelle Duggar needed to get creative early on in her married life. The strict rules and protocols put in place by the Counting On father of this big family left no wiggle room. Not for Michelle or her kids.

As Counting On viewers know, courting for the kids is no easy feat. Jim Bob Duggar insists on no physical contact. So theories suggest the children looked to mom for a way to improvise. It looks like the Counting On mom modeled this gaze long enough for the young women to hone in on it and make it their own.

Through the years Michelle’s gaze up at her husband became a common sight. It appears she offers this look of endearment and admiration almost every time she stands next to him on camera.

Some suggest this Counting On Duggar gaze is rather creepy behavior. Maybe they refer to Michelle Duggar’s tendency to go overboard with this look once in a while.

Especially when she needs to stand by her husband’s side for a long time on stage. If she holds this gaze for too long it might give the impression that she’s melting on every word her husband says.

Whether fans believe this gaze is a creepy way to show affection in public or not, it looks like it becomes a Duggar family tradition. Or at least for the Duggar family women.

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