‘Counting On’: Kendra and Joseph Duggar New Baby News

Counting On’s Kendra Duggar and Joseph Duggar are excited to announce that they are expecting a new baby. Joseph and his wife said they’ve got a girl and a boy. And the tie-breaker is coming in February 2021.

Counting On: Kendra Duggar Disappears

For months, no one was sure where Kendra Duggar was. She was completely out of the public eye. And no one was talking about her except to ask where she was.

After a few months of people asking if she was okay, Michelle Duggar finally spoke up. She said that Joseph’s other half, Kendra, was doing fine. But it seems like she left out the fact that Kendra and Joseph Duggar were going to have baby number three in a few months.

Kendra from Counting On is only 22 years old and will have three children. And Joseph Duggar is becoming a proud papa for the third time at age 26 if the baby comes in February on the due date.

Counting On: Joseph Duggar - Kendra Duggar

Kendra Back and Looking Slim

When Kendra Duggar did resurface in photos with Joseph Duggar and her kids, fans noticed she looked very slim. Now, Counting On viewers believe that Kendra might have gotten slim because she was going through morning sickness.

A lot of times, throughout the first trimester, it’s hard for mothers to keep down food. But after the morning sickness is gone, she’ll likely be fine. Since family matriarch told fans Kendra is okay, there isn’t as much worry happening over the weight loss and pregnancy news.

The latest episode of Counting On showed Jinger Duggar’s miscarriage. And viewers of Counting On wonder if that makes her brother Joseph feel weird about the announcement.

Counting On: Joseph Duggar - Kendra Duggar

Counting On: Joseph Duggar on Track to Have His Own Show?

Many people have commented that Kendra and her husband Joseph Duggar from Counting On are the only ones that could carry on the show. In fact, it’s likely Jim Bob Duggar would have liked it to be Josh—but we all know how that turned out. His scandals left his opportunity to be the TV golden boy in shambles.

At the rate this young couple has kids, it is possible they could have 19 children—or even more. It would be helpful to the cause if they had multiples. But it looks like there is only one baby on board since they said the baby is going to be a tie-breaker.

Whatever the case, fans are happy that mom and baby are healthy. And it’s likely we’ll see a lot more about this little family. But it’s likely going to be on the next season. You can watch the current season on TLC Tuesday nights at 8 pm.

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