‘Counting On’: Kendra and Joseph Duggar Share Baby Addison Milestone Moments

Counting On‘s Kendra Caldwell and Joseph Duggar are celebrating new milestones for baby Addison. Addison is their second child but is still getting plenty of attention from Mom, Dad, and fans. Everyone is holding their breath to see the Duggar family on their new season and babies are sure to take the cake.

Counting On: Kendra Caldwell Duggar Excited Over Baby’s First Teeth

Counting On cute couple Kendra and husband Joseph Duggar are excited to see two cute little teeth peeking out. Addison is very photogenic and looks happy to have her new teeth documented. She’s also proudly sitting up. Fans hope mom and dad are getting some sleep now that baby is a little older.

Joseph and Kendra Duggar said they weren’t getting much sleep after the birth. They also talked about how they were adjusting to being a family of four instead of three. They said that big brother was very interested in sister and it seems to still be the same today with the adorable brother and sister photos we see of the two.

Counting On - Addison Duggar

Joseph Duggar’s Baby Is 7 Months Old

After 7 months of being parents to two children, it seems as if Joseph and wife Kendra Duggar from Counting On are adjusting well. They look much more rested than they did when the baby first came into the world. Things haven’t been at all how everyone thought they were going to be.

COVID-19 knocked out many family plans the Duggars from Counting On put together. Even though the family did post photos of a large gathering a couple of times during the recommendations of social distancing. It seems like everyone is in good health and we are going to see a lot of distance between the families in the new episodes.

Counting On - Garrett Duggar - Addison Duggar

Counting On: Lots of Births

Distancing isn’t all we’ll see on the new season of Counting On that airs June 30th on TLC at 9 pm. Fans will also see a lot of births happening. There are five different babies that will be born in 2019 and we are going to get to see some of the birth stories on the show.

We know that one of the births didn’t go as expected. But everything turned out good for the young family. When season 11 airs, we are going to get to see what took place during the birth. And learn exactly what the young families experienced.

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