‘Counting On’: Kendra Duggar Wows Fans With Weight Loss

Counting On‘s Kendra Duggar is less than a year post-delivery from her last baby with Joseph Duggar. And after being off the scene for months, she’s back with a fit new form.

Counting On: Kendra Duggar Almost Passes Out

During labor with her daughter Addison, Kendra Duggar was close to passing out. Her mother worried about whether she might stop breathing during labor and delivery. Kendra is only 22 years old, and she has two babies with her husband already.

The birth process looked like it was extremely hard on Kendra from Counting On. But it’s likely her first two children are only the first of many to come. In fact, some people think Joseph’s father Jim Bob Duggar is grooming the couple to be the next stars of a hit reality show.

As long as Kendra keeps having babies at this rate, she’s on course to make it happen. But there’s no confirmation as to whether that is what the Counting On couple wants or not.

Counting On: Kendra Duggar - Joseph Duggar

Fun in the Sun With Family

After being very quiet for quite a while, Kendra made an appearance. Fans of the TLC TV show Counting On were asking about Kendra. Michelle Duggar shared that she was doing fine, but everyone still wanted to make sure.

Kendra Duggar is usually pretty active about sharing her life with the public. And no one is sure why she took so much time away. Whatever the case, it seems like Kendra is back in full force. Now, she took pictures on a boat outing with her side of the family as well as her husband and kids.

When viewers of Counting On saw Kendra Duggar, they were a little confused. She appears a lot different than she did after having baby number two. Perhaps she’s working out and/or dieting.

Counting On: Kendra Duggar - Joseph Duggar

Counting On: Looking Good for a Close Up

The current season of Counting On is airing, but fans wonder if Kendra Duggar is trying for a TLC show of her own. She looks amazing, and in the latest photos, she seems really happy.

One fan commented that she “looks so good — even after having two kids.” And even more people said she looked pretty and healthy, but so far she hasn’t responded to any of the positive comments. After all, the family isn’t much for pride in looks or bringing attention to your looks at all. And it looking back, Kendra bounced back after her first baby as well.

So far, Kendra hasn’t shared that she’s doing anything to change her look. Some people think Kendra Duggar might just be losing weight because of chasing two young kids around. See what happens next on Counting On by watching TLC on Tuesday nights at 8 pm.

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