‘Counting On’: Kendra Duggar’s Big Baby Bump Update

Counting On‘s Kendra Duggar‘s baby bump is growing, and she looks very healthy. In fact, she’s been out playing with her other kids and having a good time with her husband, Joseph Duggar.

Counting On: Kendra Caldwell Duggar Goes on Date Night

Kendra Duggar from Counting On still goes on date night with her husband, Joseph Duggar. Even though they have two kids and one on the way, they find a way to keep the spark alive. She is 36 weeks along now and said she couldn’t wait to meet her little girl.

Counting On fans said that Kendra Caldwell is glowing and looks beautiful. Kendra said she loves spending time with her husband, Joseph. And fans said they are well on their way to catch up to Jim Bob Duggar and Michelle Duggar in the children department.

TLC’s Kendra Duggar looks like she is doing well, and there are no reports of health concerns. It seems like the baby will make its way into the world safely. And they haven’t said anything about concerns due to COVID-19.

Counting On: Kendra Duggar - Joseph Duggar

Kendra Duggar Expecting & Mom Is Too

Counting On fans were happy to hear that Kendra Duggar and Joseph would have another baby. But she isn’t the only one in the family that has a baby on the way. Her mother, Christina Caldwell, has a baby coming not too long after Kendra delivers.

Viewers of Counting On said that her mom is such a good mother. And they both seem happy that they will have babies around the same time. Some viewers said it must feel strange to Christina and Kendra, but if it does—they hide it well.

Some critics made the comment, “this happens when you’re both teen moms.” But others said they do a better job than many people that have children when they are thirty. Despite the Counting On fan disagreement, most people say it’s nice to see them together and happy.

Counting On: Kendra Duggar - Joseph Duggar

Counting On: Preparing for the New Family Member

Kendra Duggar was happy to find out she would welcome a little girl into the world. And fans of Counting On said that both of their little girls would have a great big brother to protect them. Garrett Duggar is only 2 years old, so they will soon have three little ones under three to watch after.

Counting On mom Kendra Duggar does a good job with both of her kids. And fans said they believe she’ll do just as well when her third child arrives. Someone teased that this was going to be Father of the Bride part two.

Viewers of Counting On said Kendra won’t even get to give away her hand-me-downs. And her new baby can wear the clothes from her big sister.

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