‘Counting On’: Justin Duggar Engaged to Claire Spivey the Day After He Turns 18

Counting On celeb Justin Duggar announced his engagement to Claire Spivey today and this comes just one day after his 18th birthday.  Michelle Duggar dropped a hint over the weekend that another Duggar engagement is about to be announced. The Duggar matriarch sounded ecstatic over this news waiting in the wings.

Counting On: It’s Official – Justin Duggar Engaged to Claire Spivey

Simple happy birthday wishes from Michelle Duggar to her son, Justin Duggar, turned into something else. It sounded as if Michele’s birthday acknowledgment morphed into her blessing for her teenaged son’s choice of a life-long partner.

While Counting On viewers pretty much surmised Justin Duggar would pop the question to Claire Spivey, Michelle Duggar seemed to put her matriarch seal on the deal.

Well, the Duggar followers didn’t have to wait very long after Michelle’s clue surfaced. Just hours later Justin Duggar, along with Clair Spivey, announced their engagement to the world.

Counting On enthusiasts can’t get over the resemblance between Claire and Justin’s sister Jana Duggar. Some of the Counting On fans even refer to her as “Jana’s twin”. One fan suggested to Michelle that another Jana in the family “can only be good”.

Counting On: Justin Duggar

First Date Leads To Marriage

Since the Duggar offspring tend to marry the first person they date, Claire seemed like a shoo-in from day one. The only one of Justin Duggar’s Counting On siblings who didn’t marry the first person they dated was Josiah Duggar.

But the rest of them seemed to follow the Counting On family protocol. The siblings seem to abide by the unwritten rule that you date only for a future marriage.

Justin Duggar’s love story with Claire Spivey seems normal from within the Counting On world. But it’s a bit different than the tendency of main-stream young couples today.

While the Duggar parents promote having children from the get-go within a marriage, Justin Duggar just celebrated his 18th birthday this weekend. So, he’s still young. Claire is also young at only 19.

Counting On: Claire and Justin Still Only Teens

Outside of the Counting On universe, Justin might be considered still too young to settle down. While the two have dated for almost two years now, Justin’s parents and Claire Spivey’s parents are old friends. They’ve known each other for decades.

Counting On: Justin Duggar - Claire Spivey

Although, the courting between Justin and Claire Spivey ran into a few roadblocks. With Justin in Arkansas and Claire in Texas, they’ve shared a long-distance love affair.

The two did get together in person before the pandemic unleashed travel difficulties on the nation. But now with the pandemic putting a damper on travel, the couple finds it hard to get together. But they found one very good reason recently to be by each other’s side – to announce their engagement.

Michelle Duggar seemed to predict that a Counting On engagement announcement was in the works. Then just hours later Justin Duggar and Claire Spivey proved her right. Justin said a while back that he knew Claire was the one for him after first meeting her.

Claire Spivey and her future husband Justin both expressed how blessed they feel about their Counting On courtship.

Now today Michelle Duggar also expresses how she too feels blessed for her son who found his life-long mate.

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