‘Counting On’: Josiah Duggar’s Baby Bella Newborn to 8 Months Update

Counting On‘s Josiah Duggar‘s baby Bell is now 8 month’s old. He and his wife Lauren Swanson Duggar are so thankful for their rainbow baby. And are sharing her updates with the world. She looks like a very happy and healthy baby.

Counting On: Young Josiah Duggar and Wife Make It Through Heartbreak

There are a lot of rumors about how Josiah Duggar of Counting On and his wife got together. Some people believe Jim Bob and Lauren’s father arranged the marriage. Some people think Josiah Duggar wasn’t into it at first because his father wanted to use Lauren to calm him down. Whatever the case is, it seems like the marriage did calm Josiah down.

Maybe the matter of losing a baby also made Josiah from the show Counting On grow up quickly. He and his bride announced to the family they were having their first baby. It was very difficult to see them go through the miscarriage. Lauren shared about it with her mother and the Duggar family matriarch Michelle. Both her mother and Michelle experienced miscarriages, so they were able to provide some encouragement.

Since Lauren’s miscarriage, there have been other losses in the Duggar family. And one of those losses includes the stillbirth of Counting On show’s Joy-Anna Duggar’s baby. But the family is making it through the tough times together.

Counting On: Baby Bella Duggar

Birthing Bella – A Difficult Experience

When Josiah Duggar’s wife Lauren from Counting On that airs Tuesday nights at 8 pm on TLC went into labor, there were some complications. She did labor at home some of the time, but she already said she didn’t want a home birth. They stayed home pretty long and then they went into the hospital.

At the hospital, they tried to give her an epidural multiple times, but she still wasn’t able to go numb. It seems like she felt everything from the birth of the baby as well as the pain of multiple injections.

Thankfully, their second baby arrived in the world healthy and happy and now we see her smiling face at eight months old. She’s been hitting a lot of milestones and her father Josiah is obviously very proud.

Counting On: Baby Bella Duggar - Lauren Swanson Duggar

Counting On: What’s Next for Josiah Duggar and Family?

Josiah Duggar and his young wife will soon have a bouncing baby one-year-old on their hands. They look like they’ve been doing well watching Bella and keeping up with her mobility. While other Duggars are getting grief about their parenting, it seems Josiah and Lauren are doing good according to Counting On fans.

It doesn’t appear that Josiah Duggar is up to much of anything lately. He’s hanging out with his wife and his baby, but other than that, he doesn’t seem to do much. With the family car lot closed down, he may not have a job at all. He and his family live in a Jim Bob Duggar provided property, so there isn’t much need to work.

Maybe Josiah is just enjoying life at home with his family. Some fans are still pretty creeped out by his behavior for Lauren’s special day he planned. And other fans of Counting On think he might be depressed.

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