‘Counting On’: Jim Bob & Michelle Duggar Shun Outcast?

Counting On parents Jim Bob Duggar and Michelle Duggar felt the shade recently. TLC fans said they feel like they are acting like “Christians in name only” after they seemingly shunned an innocent member of the family.

Counting On: Jim Bob & Michelle Duggar Birthday Wishes

Jim Bob Duggar and wife Michelle Duggar always wish every single member of their family a happy birthday. Not only that, they send well wishes for engagements, weddings – and just about any other life event. When it came down to one Counting On grandchild, however, they did not wish him a happy birthday.

Fans of Counting On called Michelle and Jim Bob out for not wishing Israel Dillard a happy birthday. Viewers said they understand that they have a big family, but since they take the time out for everyone else – they should do it for Israel too. The fans went on to say that they could see right through them and that they didn’t act very Christian-like.

Jill Duggar Dillard and her parents are on the outs, but fans of the show Counting On don’t think Israel Dillard should suffer from it. Other viewers said it may just be that Jill and Derick Dillard don’t want his photo online, but that doesn’t make sense since they show him off all of the time.

Counting On: Jill Duggar Dillard - Israel Dillard

Jim Bob Duggar & Michelle Marrying Off Their Kids

There were quite a few kids they didn’t feel the need to shun recently. Michelle and husband Jim Bob married off two of their young sons and had plenty of love to share for them. Justin Duggar was the youngest Duggar son to marry and got a lot of attention.

Jedidiah Duggar from Counting On also tied the knot after a secretive year-long courting session. No one knew Jedidiah and his now-wife Katey were seeing each other. But it seems like it went well since they married on April 3rd.

Viewers of Counting On said that Jim Bob shouldn’t keep Jill Duggar away. And that they definitely shouldn’t shun sweet Israel since he likely loves his grandparents and wants their attention. Whatever the case, fans don’t think the family handled it right.

Counting On: Jim Bob Duggar - Michelle Duggar

Counting On: Failing to Care about Outside Opinion

Jim Bob Duggar and his sweetheart Michelle Duggar likely don’t care what other people think. This family makes plenty of money within their community, and cancel culture hasn’t been able to reach them yet. Counting On fans still love watching them and support most of how they live.

The Counting On family prides themselves on being different from the rest of the world. So, someone saying they didn’t deal with a family member correctly wouldn’t ruffle their feathers. Even so, fans didn’t keep their opinions to themselves.

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