‘Counting On’: Jim Bob Duggar Gets Makeover from Daughter Jordyn Duggar

Counting On‘s Jim Bob Duggar sat in the barber’s chair in his home. But the normal person wasn’t cutting his hair. His 11-year-old daughter Jordyn Duggar had the clippers this time.

Counting On: Jim Bob Duggar Save Money on a Haircut

The Duggar family is all about thrift. They shop at thrift stores, buy used cars, and often they do their hair at home. The ladies go out a little more than the guys. But it looks like Counting On patriarch Jim Bob Duggar isn’t going out in the pandemic for a cut.

In fact, his daughter Jordyn took the clippers to his head. She wanted to learn how to cut hair, and Jim Bob volunteered to let her cut his. After all, Jim Bob Duggar of Counting On‘s hair is just a buzz cut. And it looks like she did a good job for her father.

Fans of Counting On congratulated Jordyn on her first cut. And others said that Jim Bob was so nice to let her practice on his hair. They were both thankful there was no accidental hair gapping.

Counting On: Jim Bob Duggar - Jordyn Duggar

Jim Bob Encourages Kids to Grow Skills

Counting On stars Jim Bob Duggar and his wife Michelle, encourage their children to grow their skills. But it greatly depends on the child’s gender. If the child is a boy, Jim Bob recommends they start businesses and grow an income. On the other hand, they encourage girls to learn how to be homemakers.

Doing things like cutting hair, cooking, cleaning, organizing, and other things “wives should do” are good things for girls to master. The Counting On celeb Jim Bob marries their girls off very young. But it looks like their youngest to marry might be a boy—Justin Duggar—at 17 years old.

Young Justin already knows how to remodel homes. And is fixing up a home that viewers of Counting On wonder if he’s going to move into with Claire Spivey. But they will likely announce that in the next season of the TLC show.

Counting On: Jim Bob Duggar

Counting On: The Family Grows & Moves On

Jim Bob’s youngest daughter, Josie Duggar, is 10 years old. And now they more children that are adults than minors now. With so many children leaving the nest, it still doesn’t seem like the Duggar house calmed down at all.

In fact, the big house from Counting On might be even busier than ever. With so many grandbabies, there are always little ones around. Fans wondered what they would do with so much space after kids moving out, but it seems like there are plenty of people to fill it. It’s not uncommon for the Duggars to have massive family gatherings that fill the whole house.

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