‘Counting On’: Jim Bob Duggar Celebrates Birthday – Who Was There During Quarantine?

Counting On‘s Jim Bob Duggar celebrated a big birthday recently. The house was yellow with decor and a huge happy birthday sign. There were quite a few people in the living room. But you couldn’t tell if it was anyone from outside the immediate household family.

Counting On: It’s Birthday 55 for Jim Bob Duggar

Daughter-in-law Anna Duggar of Counting On wished Jim Bob Duggar happy birthday. She said that “Pops” is fun, patient, and adventurous and went on to say that she loves how excited the children are to see him. She expressed her love and let the world know that Jim Bob is 55.

55 means that Jim Bob Duggar is now officially a senior citizen. Everyone knows how frugal the family is, so we are sure he’ll be using his senior discounts. Despite the senior citizen status, Jim Bob still looks young and in good health as he poses with his wife Michelle Duggar.

Michelle says that Jim Bob is her best friend and the love of her life. It looks like the family stayed in and enjoyed the beautiful decorations. One fan said that Jana Duggar did a great job. And it seems like they thought she was the only one that could have done it. But others think that she wasn’t even there because she took a photo of her breaking the rules on a solo vacation.

Counting On: Jim Bob Duggar

Enjoying a Quarantine Birthday Party In the Big House

Counting On recently came back on TLC for their new season. The show airs Tuesday nights at 8 pm and focused on how they are dealing with the quarantine. There were a lot of masks and talk about social distancing. But some fans are saying that it doesn’t look like they are doing that on their social media.

There hasn’t been a time when anyone posted a picture where they are wearing masks. In fact, there have been multiple gatherings and multiple times when they went to church. Viewers of Counting On are a little concerned about the inconsistencies.

Another beef viewers have with the show is that Jim Bob Duggar is on the show a lot. After 19 and Counting went off the air due to the family’s scandal, the matriarch and patriarch weren’t supposed to be on the network much—if at all. Many wonder if Jim Bob has something on the network and that’s why they are letting him come back on the show more.

Counting On: Jim Bob Duggar

Counting On: What Will Happen in the Following Years?

It’s likely that Jim Bob has many healthy years ahead of him. Counting On viewers wonder what his plans are. Does he plan on retiring with Michelle and traveling? Or are they going to continue working? Maybe they still go out and minister more?

It doesn’t seem like much is changing for the Duggar Dad and Mom. They are still working on real estate and passing down skills to their boys. They continue to marry off their daughters and monitor their children’s every move.

Many people predict that this season of Counting On is going to be a lot of what we know. But others have a feeling there are going to be a few shockers thrown into the mix.

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