‘Counting On’: Jill Duggar’s First Public School Experience

Counting On’s Jill Duggar Dillard was a home-school student throughout her childhood. We saw more than one episode where her mother, Michelle Duggar, was teaching them. But there wasn’t any public school for Jill—until recently.

Counting On: Jill Duggar Dillard Goes School Shopping

Shopping for home-school and shopping for public schooling are two very different things. And it’s likely that TLC’s Jill Duggar Dillard found that out when she went to get supplies for her son, Israel Duggar. He was so cute and looked excited to start his new adventure.

Viewers of Counting On were surprised that Jill Duggar looked so calm. In fact, she seems pretty excited to send her little one off to school. Jill Duggar did try to home-school Israel in preschool. But she soon found out that it wasn’t for her. And she let everyone know that he would go to school for kindergarten.

Whatever the case, it seems like Jill is ready to cut those apron strings and let her kindergartner soar. And so far, it seems like things are going well for this new student and his proud parents, Jill and prior Counting On star Derick Dillard.

Counting On: Jill Duggar

Israel Dillard’s First Day of School

It looks as if Jill Duggar from TV series Counting On has some friends that have kids in the school. They took a cute picture together, showing their happiness about the new school year. Later that day, Jill and Israel got together for a mom and son picture.

Israel looked very happy about his first day at school. In fact, it seems like the new arrangement went off without a hitch. It doesn’t seem like she is letting any of her parent’s opinions on how to school children sink in.

There are likely to be some bumps in the road and learning curves. But it looks like Jill is up for the challenge. And feeling happy about her decision.

Counting On: Jill Duggar

Counting On: Good Times Ahead for Jill Duggar & Family

Jill Duggar is looking happier than ever. Her first public education experience was a good one. And Counting On fans couldn’t be happier that she is living her life on her own terms. Everyone also thought it was adorable that Israel and his dad actually went back to school on the same day.

Derick is in law school and is working hard for his education. Jill and her family have a bright future ahead, and it looks like they are doing things on their own terms. Since they left Counting On, they continue to stick it to the man with their “rebellious” actions.

Whatever the case, there’s plenty more to come for the Dillard family. From school to projects around the home and more, Jill is letting the public into her life.

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