‘Counting On’: Jill Duggar with Joy-Anna at Baby Shower [Pics]

Counting On‘s Jill Duggar Dillard got to go to her sister Joy-Anna Duggar Forsyth’s baby shower. TLC fans are excited the sisters got to be together on this special day. Joy-Anna Duggar’s bump is growing quickly and it looks like Joy-Anna might deliver soon.

Counting On: Come to My Baby Shower Jill Duggar Dillard

As most people know, Jill Duggar Dillard from Counting On and her family don’t see eye to eye. It’s been years now since Jill stopped paying attention to what her parents say. Her husband Derick Dillard and she broke free from the family years back. The sad thing is that she didn’t want to be free of everyone.

Jill still very much loves her family and wants to be in their lives. But they aren’t allowed to be around family members without the kid’s parents—either Jim Bob Duggar, Michelle Duggar, or their oldest sister Jana Duggar being there. Even when Jill met up with her 19 year-old-brother James Duggar of Counting On recently, Jana was there keeping a watchful eye.

It looks like Jill might have got some time to talk to Joy-Anna Duggar. Joy-Anna and Jill both looked very happy to see each other. And we didn’t see any photos of other people looking over their shoulders, so maybe they got to talk privately.

Counting On: Joy-Anna Duggar

Joy-Anna Duggar Forsyth Is Beaming and Beautiful

Seeing Joy-Anna Duggar Forsyth of Counting On so pregnant makes viewers smile. Young Joy-Anna Duggar and her husband Austin Forsyth had lost their baby around a year ago. It was a terrible loss at 20 weeks pregnant. They went into the doctor and found out there was no heartbeat.

Now the young couple is happy to be welcoming their new baby into the family soon. Their son seems excited to meet the new member of the family in mom’s belly. Some of the viewers of the show Counting On were so sad to see Joy-Anna Duggar have to talk about her pain openly on the show.

Some wonder if Joy-Anna is choosing to talk about it or if she is under contract and has to tell all. Many wonder what Jill Duggar’s husband would have to say about their obligations. He’s already said they have to wait to tell different life events and the network makes them do things in a certain order.

Counting On: Jill Duggar - Joy-Anna Duggar

Counting On: Mixed Emotions Over the New Season

Viewers of the family show Counting On are sharing that they have mixed emotions. They are glad to see the family back on the air. But everyone is showing surprise that the parents are such a big part of the show this year. They say it seems like Jim Bob and his wife Michelle are creeping their way back to being the center of the show.

After the Josh Duggar scandal, TLC took 19 and Counting off the air. They only aired Counting On because it was about the children and not about the parents that covered up the molestation of their daughters. It looks like many people are going to opt to turn it off if they keep seeing the parents at the center of the happenings.

While we are barely into the 11th season of Counting On that airs on TLC Tuesday nights at 8 pm, fans are keeping an eye out to see who the show is really about.

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