‘Counting On’: Jill Duggar’s Uphill Battle Plays Out Online

Counting On fans have seen Jill Duggar‘s unappetizing casseroles, a messy room, and homeschooling in a car because she opted to share these things online. She’s not at all shy about sharing less-than-perfect posts with Duggar followers. Some might even say she’s genuine and doesn’t care about things not looking perfect. So why does she get so much scrutiny online?

Counting On: So Jill Duggar Isn’t Martha Stewart?

Jill Duggar could easily cut and paste a picture of an appetizing casserole and claim it as her own online. She can easily do the same with a neatly manicured room and let fans praise her housekeeping methods. But this past star of Counting On doesn’t do that.

Instead, Jill keeps it real for the Counting On and Duggar family fans. She doesn’t disguise any of her shortcomings when it comes to her cooking or housekeeping. But it seems she’s a target for online scrutiny when it comes to her daily activities of life.

So is this scrutiny really about this young mom’s culinary skills, cleaning, and parenting? Or is it because she stayed with her controversial husband, Derick Dillard that headlines today put Jill Duggar in the shade online?

Counting On: Jill Duggar

Shunned for an Ugly Casserole

According to a recent report, the fans of Counting On “can’t stand Jill Duggar.” The excuses for this perceived dislike of this young mom and wife cover a vast array of reasons. Sure, opting to stand by her man after he was kicked off the Duggar’s reality show created some disgruntled fans. But the list recently got longer.

According to a report from Cheat Sheet, it looks like “cooking disgusting food” also gets Jill shunned online. Especially after posting pictures of her culinary creations. Better yet, it looks like the ingredients the Duggar’s cook with puts the entire family is under scrutiny  – really?

Family Tradition Alive and Well?

It’s not as if Jill does something totally out of the realm of cooking etiquette, she just doesn’t cook with a lot of vegetables. The report also claims Michelle Duggar passed this tradition down to Jill Duggar.

Using processed foods and ingredients filled with preservatives leaves folks “irritated” for Jill’s lack of using healthier-type foods. Yet, in the video below she’s feeding her son a mixture of veggies and fruit. It seems her cooking doesn’t offer enough to complain about, so they moved onto her housekeeping.

The Counting On alum shared a photo of her bedroom in a mess online a while back. She’s a mom with two young kids and it’s not as if she has a housekeeper. If you had a dime for every mom who endured an untidy room while chasing after two toddlers, you’d be rich.

Lesson to Learn On the Road?

Complaints also emerged of Jill homeschooling her kids and giving them lessons while they’re in the car. Hhmmm… a mom spending time with her kids and taking advantage of time in the car to keep them occupied while learning something. It appears this isn’t everyone’s cup of tea – so what?

It doesn’t look like everyone sees Jill Duggar as a Counting On family member who’s disliked. Last year Cafe Mom went over a lot of these same complaints that emerged online about Jill Duggar. Their conclusion – they’re not buying it.

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