‘Counting On’: Jill Duggar Mending the Family Rift? – See Who Was at the Playdate

Is Counting On’s Jill Duggar Dillard trying to mend the family rift? Jill has a strained relationship with her parents. Especially after her husband Derick Dillard called her father Jim Bob Duggar out about a TLC contract. It looks like she might let that be water under the bridge some Counting On fans say.

Counting On: It’s Time for a Family Playdate at Jill Duggar Dillard’s Place

Since 2017, there isn’t much good going on between Jill Duggar Dillard and her family. Her open invitation to the family house is no longer standing. If she and Derick want to come over, they have to clear it with Jim Bob. Some viewers of Counting On believe that is because he doesn’t want them influencing anyone in the house. Even though Jim Bob is doing his best to keep them apart, it seems like some sisters got together for fun times.

We saw Jessa Duggar, Jana Duggar, and pregnant Joy-Anna Duggar in the photos with Jill. And we might have heard Michelle in the background as well. But we can’t confirm that. If that was the case, it would be a major win for Jill Duggar of Counting On. One of the things that is confusing is that Jessa shared these photos. But Jill didn’t share any photos of the event.

Yes, Jill Duggar could have forgotten, but that’s unlikely. She’s been posting a lot of other photos of friends that are over. Counting On viewers wonder why Jill would opt to leave the sisters out of her photos. Either way, it is nice to see them together having fun.

Counting On: Janna Duggar - Joy-Anna Duggar

Cousins Having Fun Together

The Duggar family is known for getting together and enjoying good times. COVID-19 is tough on everyone, but most of all the children. Being able to play with their cousins made their little faces light up. It’s been quite a while since everyone hung out for a playdate—especially with Jill Duggar from Counting On.

One of the cutest parts of the pictures is young Ivy. She was having a great time with Sam Dillard’s horse toy. Jana was behind her playing with her as well. Fans can’t help but wonder when Jana is going to have some kids of her own.

The Duggars are a “the more the merrier” type of family, so maybe there will be some new cousin news coming soon. John David Duggar said that it seems like the “we’re expecting” news is an every weekend kind of thing these days with the family getting bigger and bigger.

Counting On: Jill Duggar

Will the Dillards Come Back to Counting On?

The big question fans of Counting On that airs Tuesday nights at 8 pm on TLC is whether or not Derick and his wife Jill Duggar are going to be back on the show. Yes, we’ve heard some rumors that they would be open. And we also heard rumors that they might be moving out of the country. Fans think that might be the reason everyone is getting together with Jill Duggar. Could she and her family be leaving the country?

We know that Jill Duggar isn’t going to be on the 11th season of Counting On. We also know that it would require big changes before Derick would want to come back on. In fact, he said they want their own contract with TLC if they’re coming back. There may be other Counting On cast members that feel the same way. Joy-Anna Duggar and Austin Forsyth are not going to be regulars on the next season of the show. Is that because of contracts?

The next season is going to be much different with the social distancing. We saw a promo of Jessa wearing a mask in her car. Fans wonder how much they’re going to see the favorite cast behind masks.

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