‘Counting On’: Jessa Duggar New Talent – DIY Spin Off-Worthy?

Counting On star Jessa Duggar might have spin-off potential if TLC takes notice of a new project she completed and posted online. It looks like the Duggar daughter got an early bout of spring fever and decided to spruce up her surroundings.

Counting On: TLC Missing Out – Jessa Duggar DIY?

Once you get a look at the before and after pics below, you have to admit the Counting On mom did a bang-up job. Plus, Jessa Duggar demonstrated all the aspects of a good DIY home improvement show. Further, she took a little money and turned it into a big change for her living room. TLC is sitting on all this talent and they might not even know it.

Counting On: Jesse Seewald

Young Mom with Two Kids and One on the Way

It look like Jessa Duggar just might have the makings of an interesting spin-off show. She’s a young mom of 26 years. She has two kids with one on the way and apparently, she knows how to economize with style.

It seems the co-star of Counting On found herself struck by the urge to spruce up her living room. This sudden idea hit her while her husband was at a meeting one night. So, she acted on that whim and started her project around 7 pm. Jessa stayed up until 1 am completing the project.

Counting On: Jessa Duggar Big Bang With 60 Bucks

According to Jessa Duggar’s description of her home improvement whirlwind, the project cost her just $60. She spent that on quality paint, which only needed one coat to cover the walls. Also, she demonstrated she knows how to save time with this DIY project with a one-coat covering. Everyone loves a DIY project that saves time.

Apparently, she sold some unused furniture to buy a new area rug and a few plants for this project. So, Jessa captured another aspect of a DIY show by selling stuff that’s not used to buy stuff that is needed. People like DIY projects on the cheap.

Counting On: Jessa Seewald

Duggar Daughter Shops With Kids in Tow

The Counting On expectant mom did all of this with two little ones underfoot as she shopped for the paint. She posted a picture of the kids in the store cart with the paint. While the paint was costly, she points out it covers in one coat.

Jessa moved all the furniture into the center of the room and tackled painting the walls. Then she rolled out a new rug and added a few plants and rearranged her family photos.

Counting On Update: Jessa Transforms Dark Into Light in One Night

Jessa Duggar also shared how she “wanted to become more of a minimalist”. So her DIY project reflects that for the famous Duggar daughter. Also, Jessa gave her kids a lot more room by doing away with clutter.

Jessa reports a “pleasantly surprised” husband when he returned home from his meeting. Now if the network honchos take notice of the fantastic job Jessa did – a light bulb might go off! Seems the Counting On celeb proved just a little cash and some elbow grease transformed her living room from dark to light.

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