‘Counting On’: Jessa Duggar Crazy For Daughter – ‘Ground Zero’ Baby Fever

Counting On fans know the Duggars love having kids, even though not all of them make great parents. Jessa Duggar gets some criticism on social Media for being a bad mom. Nevertheless, her boys seem well-behaved and in good health. But now we hear through In Touch Weekly that Jessa is just crazy about getting a daughter. In fact, she said it would revolutionize their lives. They would have to start at “ground zero” as parents if it happens. She and Ben Seewald already have Spurgeon and Henry, aged two and 17-months-old but she’s in a rush to have another baby.

Counting On’s Jessa and Ben Duggar trying for a daughter

Two little boys are a big handful but Jessa Duggar is more determined than ever to have a girl and is struck with baby fever. Counting On favorites, Jinger Duggar and Jeremy Vuolo, just recently had their little girl, Felicity. Incidentally, that’s why Jessa Duggar wants a baby girl like now! It turns out she got to spend some time with her brand new niece and that flipped the must-do switch. The Hollywood Gossip points out that she talked about a girl before but without the same urgency. In fact, the couple mentioned in the past that they may even adopt.

The Counting On couple married two years ago. Applicants for adoption need a stable marriage. If they want to go that route, they do comply with Arkansas law on that time period. If Jessa does adopt a girl, maybe we’ll see a whole new approach to the Duggar family kid-counting obsession.

Jessa Duggar says she isn’t pregnant

Judging by what Jessa said to US Weekly, she isn’t pregnant at the moment. “I would be overjoyed if we were to find out we were expecting again. It would be sweet to have a baby girl,” she said. She feels they did a great job with the boys. Got it “down pat,” she said. Probably, that’s why they want a different kind of baby. She noted: “We’d probably feel like we were having to start again from ground zero if we had a girl thrown in the mix.”

Counting On viewers slam the family quite often on social media because of their big gender reveals. There’s a strict distinction between girls and boys. Obviously, any little girl adopted or born to Jessa and Ben and the Counting On world expects to become a wife and mother. The family expects their baby girls to find a husband and make more babies as soon as she can.

The Duggar girls raised to breed children

The Duggar girls become wives and then breed more children for the extended Duggar clan. There’s been some speculation that they even get married as fast as possible to escape Jim Bob and Michelle’s home. Some fans think that they are nothing more than servants. The Duggar girls all stay in line with family expectations. If they run from Jim Bob, they make sure they get the family focus on children just right. They make babies as fast as possible. Jinger and Jeremy waited a year or so before baby number one came along. That was pretty radical for a Duggar daughter.

It’s understandable that Jessa wants a daughter to bond with but unfortunately, the little girl probably won’t ever have a University or College graduation. She won’t sneak in a first kiss until official courtship is approved. Note that it would have to be a boy to be acceptable to the Duggar family.

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