‘Counting On’: Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar Wish Jennifer Happy 13th Birthday

Counting On‘s Michelle Duggar and Jim Bob Duggar wished their seventeenth child Jennifer Duggar a happy birthday. That means there are only two more Duggar children that need to make their way into the teens and beyond.

Counting On: Jennifer Duggar Enjoys an Outdoor Party

Jennifer Duggar from Counting On is the seventh daughter for Jim Bob Duggar and wife Michelle Duggar. And they celebrated her birthday outdoors. It may be that Jim Bob and mom to 19 Michelle are thinking about keeping everyone safe from COVID-19. Recommendations say that being outside is safer than inside since it’s not as easy to catch outdoors.

It looks like the party for Jennifer Duggar took place at a park. There were plenty of cups there, so many think it was a big gathering. It doesn’t look like anyone was wearing masks. But it could have been all family as big as the Counting On family is.

It definitely looks like Jennifer has a sweet tooth. They had ice cream there, and almost everything was chocolate. And let’s not forget all the beautiful purple balloons for Jennifer.

Counting On: Jennifer Duggar

Michelle Duggar Gives Birth

Many fans of Counting On wonder how it is to have your birth filmed by a camera crew. In other words, people wonder how she feels that they aired her birth on the Duggar special called Duggars’ Big Family Album. Some think it might be interesting to be able to look back on the day of your birth and know exactly what happened. But on the other hand, people think it might feel like an invasion of privacy.

Whatever the case, it seems like Jennifer is a happy girl. When you see her on Counting On and other shows, you will notice she does appear to be shy. Family members say she is thoughtful as well as methodical. And we do know that Jennifer has chores like her other siblings. But the Duggar family calls these chores jurisdictions.

Later on, after Jordyn-Grace Duggar, Jennifer’s little sister was born, she was put in a buddy team. In fact, Jennifer’s buddy team was Jill Duggar, Joy-Anna Duggar, and James Duggar. Above all, the buddy teams were designed to make sure everyone got taken care of; however, some people think it was Michelle handing off her kids.

Counting On: Jennifer Duggar

Counting On: Jim Bob Duggar’s Story Continues

Viewers of Counting On are happy to see the family as it expands. Most people want to see more about Michelle Duggar and the family patriarch Jim Bob Duggar’s children. After the scandal that took 19 and Counting off the air, most people don’t want to see the parents.

As Jennifer turned 13, fans were excited to celebrate with her. There are only two more Duggar children to get to the teenage years, but it’s likely going very quickly for everyone. There is always something happening with the family and plenty to do.

In this season of Counting On, we are seeing some taping of Jennifer. As she gets older, it’s likely she’ll have more time on the show. You can see more on TLC Tuesday nights at 8 pm.

Stay tuned as we continue to celebrate with the Duggar family from Counting On. Keep an eye on Soap Dirt for more.