‘Counting On’: Jason Duggar Mocks Justin Duggar – All in Good Fun

Counting On‘s Jason Duggar and Justin Duggar were out together recently, and there is a video showing Jason publically “mocking” his brother Justin. 20-year-old Jason was having a little bit of fun at the expense of his 17-year-old brother Justin.

Counting On: Jason Duggar Is Taking Care of Business

When Jason Duggar got his own social media accounts, fans were sure he was going to announce he was courting. But it doesn’t seem like he’s got anyone special in his life. In fact, it seems like there hasn’t been a courting announcement from a Duggar in a long time. Many of the Counting On Duggar kids are opting out of a super-young marriage.

At 20 years old, Jason Duggar is comparatively old to not have prospects for a wife – given his siblings’ romantic past. After all, some of his siblings were pregnant or even thinking about baby number two by the time they were 20. So, if Jason isn’t courting, why is he on social?

Many fans of Counting On think he’s on social for business. So, what does Jason Duggar do for work? Jason is a licensed general contractor, and he owns a construction business. Pretty impressive, right? He’s come a long way from fans being confused about whether it was him or another brother shopping with his big sister Jinger Duggar Vuolo.

Counting On: Jason Duggar - Justin Duggar

Justin Duggar Doesn’t Do Well With Hot Wings

With Justin Duggar from Counting On only being 17, we haven’t seen a lot of him yet. He hasn’t made it onto social media yet either. Since their parents, Jim Bob Duggar and Michelle Duggar, monitor their phones, he can’t even sneak a peek on his own device.

One of the most memorable times we do have of Justin is when he’s out with his brothers. After all, how could you forget a hot wing eating contest where it looks like everyone is about to cry? All of the brothers had a great time together, and fans were excited to see them having fun. However, fans note they seem to always be working.

As these Duggar brothers get older, we’ll likely see more of them on Counting On. Many people want to see some behind the scenes at their business and learn more about how they started their companies.

Counting On: Jason Duggar - Justin Duggar

Counting On: Justin & Jason – Brotherly Love With a Side of Sarcasm

Justin had to know that working with his brother was going to come with a little extra. And by that, we mean a little extra teasing. Counting On cast member Justin Duggar and his older brother Jason Duggar took a lunch break. On the outing, Justin drove, and Jason decided to have a little fun at his brother’s expense.

While Justin ordered food, Jasonmouthed the words, and made funny faces. Jason says the lunch was $15.49, but the entertainment is free. Counting On sister Joy-Anna Duggar, commented that she loved them, and their oldest sister Jana Duggar commented excitedly that she loved this. It looks like Jason wants to entertain with his social posts.

Fans can look forward to more of this from Jason Duggar – perhaps with Justin Duggar as his target. He’s always been one that cracks jokes – like when he blew out birthday cake candles, and joked about not blowing any corona on it. The Duggar show airs on TLC Tuesday nights at 8 pm.

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