‘Counting On’: Jana Duggar Wears Modest Boat Clothes – Would Parents Agree?

Counting On’s Jana Duggar was out enjoying the water over the weekend and fans took interest in her boat clothes. Followers noticed the bare arms and legs, but also said that the clothing was rather modest considering the activity. Others wondered if her parents approved or she’s rebelling against their wishes.

Counting On: Staying Home Is Jana Duggar’s Choice

At 30 years old, most Duggar women would be out of the house with at least a few kids. But that’s not what Jana Duggar wants. She said she wouldn’t mind having a boyfriend — but isn’t ready to fall for just anyone that comes along.

Some people thought Jana was throwing a little shade when she said she was picky. Many of the Counting On star’s younger sisters said yes to marrying the first person they dated. On the other hand, Jana admitted that she’s dated several people.

It is likely that “dating” for Jana Duggar from Counting On is likely chaperoned events. But at least she’s going after what she wants in a man. And Jana’s not letting anyone pressure her into a marriage that isn’t right for her. But what about pressure over her clothing choices?

Counting On: Jana Duggar - Jim Bob Duggar


Jana Practices More Freedoms

Over the past few months, we’ve seen Jana Duggar practicing a lot of freedoms. It’s already out of the norm that she is on social media before marriage. But now she’s posting more revealing pictures with her arms showing, and wearing shorts, pants, and other things that surprised fans of Counting On.

Apparently, she even went on a vacation by herself. Usually, her father, Jim Bob Duggar, goes with her anywhere she goes. He even went on her girl’s trip to Las Vegas. Fans of the TV series Counting On found this especially strange.

Whatever the case, Jana doesn’t look like she’s letting anyone hold her back anymore. She said she’s going to stay where she is for as long as she wants. And it sounds like that means she might opt out of her Counting On parent’s house at some point.

Counting On: Jana Duggar

Counting On: No Bikini At the Lake for Duggar Daughter

In addition to keeping busy at home, Jana Duggar took time to enjoy lake life. And, she said it was exactly what she needed. She said they stayed out until the sun went down. What’s particularly interesting is that Counting On’s oldest sister Jana wasn’t in a swimsuit on the boat.

Instead, she wore shorts and a sleeveless shirt on the lake while most women her age might be in a sexy one-piece or a bikini. And, while most people would consider Jana’s outfit very modest, her parents might not agree. Now, it seems like TLC’s Jana Duggar is making her own decisions more and more.

As for her future, Jana hasn’t shared a lot about her plans. For now, she’ll continue to tend her garden. After all, this garden is what the Duggars from Counting On call a “labor of love.” And, Jana still helps out with the kids. Or, as some people see it, she’s running her mom’s household for her.

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