‘Counting On’: Jana Duggar Says She Wants a Boyfriend?

Counting On‘s Jana Duggar and her relationship status is always under a microscope. But now she’s given us a little insight into what’s going on in her mind. In fact, she said that she wouldn’t mind a boyfriend.

Counting On: Janna Duggar Is 30 and Single

As the years go by on Counting On that airs on TLC Tuesday nights at 9 PM, people continue to ask Jana Duggar about her relationship or lack thereof. There are many different theories about her being single. But Jana hasn’t really ever said what she wanted. In fact, she’s always said that he is happy with her living arrangement.

Living with parents at 30-years-old might not have been her ideal life. But it seems like she might be up for something new now. We saw a brief clip of Jana Duggar in the trailer saying that she wouldn’t mind having a boyfriend. That is more than we’ve ever heard from Jana before.

Counting On: Jana Duggar

Happy With Her Life But For a Boyfriend

We have watched Jana Duggar of Counting On and her family grow up. But many of her younger sisters are married well before her age. Even though Jana Duggar has married yet, she has always said that she enjoys living with her parents. She has had one of her little siblings by her bed for many years. But now all of her younger siblings are too big for a cradle.

Is Jana Duggar ready to settle down because she’s missing having a baby to take care of? The Duggar daughters love enjoying their time with the babies. And in 2019 there are a total of Duggar babies that are going to be born by the end of the year. Fans wonder if Jana is going to find her person and have adorable babies of her own soon.

Counting On: Jana Duggar

Will We See Jana Start Courting On Season 11 of Counting On?

Some fans of Counting On think that the trailer slipped this in because Jana Duggar is going to start seeing someone during this season. While we don’t know if this is true, fans hope that she gets what she wants. Whether Jana starts courting this season or not, it seems like she is ready to whenever the right person comes along.

There is a lot going on this season of Counting On. Many people are excited to see the births that are going to be on the show. Others are sad that there are three cast members missing. But it is still going to be an amazing season.

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