‘Counting On’: Jana Duggar’s Patience Pays Off

Counting On‘s Jana Duggar is working on a few new projects. But one of her older projects finally paid off, and she’s excited to share what took place with fans.

Counting On: Jana Duggar Stays Home

In the recent episode of Counting On, the family built Jana Duggar her very own greenhouse. And it looks like she’s been using it to grow some interesting things. But fans think the permanent structure is another sign that Jim Bob Duggar and his wife Michelle Duggar, plan on keeping Jana at home.

Counting On star, Jana Duggar told the cameras that she does want to get married. And that she does want to find the right person. In fact, Jana even said that she changed her standards and doesn’t need a man from Arkansas.

Jana Duggar is the eldest daughter in the Duggar family. And that does put a lot of pressure on her to find a husband. But she said she isn’t willing to marry the first person that comes along. Jana just wants to make sure that she finds someone that is perfect for her.

Counting On: Jana Duggar

Jana’s Green Thumb

The newest thing Jana from Counting On grew was a pineapple. In fact, she grew a few pineapples, and it takes a lot of patience to get the fruit. Jana Duggar told fans it takes around two years to get the first pineapple after you start growing it.

Jana Duggar’s garden has been a hot topic. The Counting On family loves that she grows delicious food for the family. And it looks like she has quite a bit to go around, even if it isn’t enough to feed the whole family.

Fans of TV series Counting On wonder what the family will do with the greenhouse if Jana Duggar leaves home. And others pointed out that more people than Jana know how to grow plants. But that they might not have the patience to wait on pineapples for years before seeing the fruits of their labor.

Counting On: What’s Next for the Eldest Duggar Daughter?

Since the season finale of Counting On, fans were excited to see that Jana started a new business. She’s selling home decor and other things. And her parents admit that she is the first daughter to start their own business.

Many of the Duggar sons have their own business. But this is the first girl in the family to start an official business. Many of the siblings are good at making money, and some of the women work alongside their husbands. But being an independent business owner is a major step for her.

Viewers of Counting On applaud Jana and are looking forward to seeing where her new venture goes. And many fans now say they are going to grow pineapples.

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