‘Counting On’: Jana Duggar’s Friend – Who is Laura DeMasie?

Counting On: Who is Laura DeMasie? Over the years, we’ve seen Jana Duggar‘s best friend appear on the show and in many photos. Now her long-time friend Laura DeMasie is leaving the nest of Arkansas for the southern state of Georgia.

Counting On: Family and Friendship for Jana Duggar

To say that Jana Duggar has a life filled with family is an understatement. But the beautiful thing is that you can always have more good in your life. One of the good things in her life is Laura, her BFF. If you’ve been watching the family on Counting On and in the pictures they share, you’ve likely seen an extra face.

That smiling face with Jana is often Laura DeMasie right along with Jana’s sisters Jessa and Jinger Duggar. Not only did Laura spend time at the family’s residence, but she even moved in for a short time. Jana was there to help with homeschooling and keeping track of the younger children.

Counting On: Jana Duggar

Why Is Laura DeMasie Moving Away from Arkansas?

After the long history of friendship with Jana from Counting On and the family, many people wonder why Laura DeMasie is moving away. As it turns out, Laura is moving for a great opportunity. She is moving to Norcross, Georgia to work at Accent Decor, which is a home decor wholesaler.

Laura DeMasie has shown off her design talents a few times as well as her ability to plan weddings. She’s helped with multiple Duggar weddings, for example, the weddings of Joseph Duggar and Joy-Anna Duggar of Counting On. Recently Laura shared some happy news saying that she was created to create.

Counting On: Jana Duggar

Will Jana Share About Her Long Time Friend on Counting On?

The new season of Counting On is coming. But no one is sure when the show is coming out due to COVID. TLC doesn’t announce its airing dates very easily, so fans can only wait it out. Many people are curious if Jana Duggar is going to share about her friendship and sadness of no longer having her best friend nearby.

Fans love keeping up with 30-year-old Jana’s life. In fact, it is interesting to people that she still lives at home with her parents in her 30s. But she doesn’t seem to mind it and has said multiple times that she is happy with the living arrangement. Will she see her friend flying high and decide she wants to fly the coop as well?

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