‘Counting On’: Jana Duggar Has a Favorite Niece – See Who

Counting On‘s Jana Duggar admitted she has a favorite niece. Jana said that she was going to spoil this little Duggar extra.

Counting On: Jana Duggar Contributes to Sweet Video

Jana Duggar’s brother John David is her twin. And it turns out that TLC’s John David is quite the romantic despite how little that was the case when he was younger. His brothers and sisters from Counting On said he was never the romantic type. But now he’s definitely into it.

One of the things he did for his wife, Abbie Duggar, was to make a video for her and the baby. John David wanted to make a video to let the baby know what his parents were like. And he wanted to do something sweet that Abbie would really like.

John David got everyone to tell something about him related to his feelings for Abbie of Counting On and his soon-to-be-born daughter. Jana said that she was going to spoil his little girl because of their close bond. Being twins is a big deal to Jana, and since she’s the oldest out of the two, she’s always taken on the leader role.

Counting On: Jana Duggar

Jana and John David’s Relationship

Counting On star Jana Duggar and John David Duggar are very close. John David is a pilot, so you might see them out flying in the airplane or doing some other activity together. Now that he is a husband, they don’t get to hang out as much. But they are still close, and it shows.

Many of the siblings share a close bond, but John David, and sister Jana from the TV series Counting On have the twin bond, which makes them extra close. Their mother, Michelle Duggar, said that John David, and Jana are very different. In fact, Michelle said that John David was very laid back and watched his energetic twin most of the time.

Jana’s activity level hasn’t changed much. She’s always into something—like gardening, helping with her brothers, sisters, nieces, nephews, remodeling the house, planning parties, and much more.

Counting On: Jana Duggar

Counting On: Abbie Duggar In Labor for Two Days

John David’s bride Abbie shared her labor experience with Counting On fans. Michelle Duggar was there during the labor process as her doula. Abbie said since Michelle has been through labor so many times and she’s very comforting, she wanted her there.

Abbie from Counting On even went to the hospital, and they sent her home when the labor stalled. She had a very difficult time, and finally, they were able to get back to the hospital, but she was still only to 3 centimeters. But finally, the little one arrived safe and sound after getting Pitocin and an epidural.

During the labor, Jana Duggar asked about her little niece’s progress. And she helped out by getting Abbie the cheese and crackers she wanted. Now it seems like she’s still helping out for by watching her little niece.

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