‘Counting On’: How Jim Bob Duggar Supports His Large Family with Michelle

Counting On‘s Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar shocked many people as they grew their family over the years. Jim Bob and Michelle finally wound up with 19 kids. But how do they pay for all of the expenses that come with such a big family? There has to be more to it than buying used and saving the difference.

Counting On: Jim Bob Duggar Has a Family Background In Real Estate

Jim Bob Duggar from Counting On is pretty savvy with properties. Most fans of the show know that he’s made a lot of his money through this route. Jim Bob’s mother Grandma Mary also had her license as an agent. The family business is even passing down to son Joseph Duggar.

Many people believe that Mary helped Jim Bob and Michelle in the early years when cash wasn’t easy to come by. Not only did she help them by teaching them real estate, but many believe she gave them money to get them through the tough times.

Counting On: Jim Bob Duggar

Michelle Duggar Works Diligently By Her Husband’s Side

Jim Bob’s wife, Michelle Duggar, of Counting On doesn’t take much time to rest and works in real estate right along with her husband. In 2014, the couple bought a massive mansion to fix up together. While it was a good deal, it was still a large investment. With that much money out, they had to have a good sale price or it was going to be a disaster.

After 6 years, the mansion finally sold for a hefty price tag. It is for sure that the Duggars celebrated and fans wonder where they are going to put their money next. Whatever it is, Michelle Duggar from show Counting On is going to be there helping Jim Bob Duggar see the project to completion.

Counting On: Michelle Duggar

Counting On: Do the Parents Support Their Adult Children Financially?

With all of the money the Jim Bob and wife Michelle have, many viewers of Counting On that comes on Tuesday night at 8 pm on TLC think they support some of their grown children. Josh, Anna, and their children live at the warehouse on the property, Jessa’s husband Ben is working for them as a tutor and John David makes money flying them.

There may be other children that get money from Michelle and husband Jim Bob Duggar as well. Everyone knows that Jill is not one of them since she and her husband Derick split from the family. Tensions are high in that area. But the family remains optimistic on both ends of the fight.

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