‘Counting On’: Grandma Mary Duggar’s Death – Strange and Unexpected

Counting On‘s Grandma Mary Duggar was a fan favorite. She is the mother of Jim Bob Duggar and Deanna Duggar. Yes, she only has two children, unlike her son who has 19. Many find the circumstances around her death bizarre. And it was definitely unexpected since Mary was in good health – except for a prior mild stroke.

Counting On: Mary Duggar – Real Estate Tycoon

When fans of Counting On learned about Grandma Duggar’s death, it shocked them. It was hard on the entire family, including Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar. Death usually isn’t seen as something to fear with this very religious family. But Mary Duggar was so important to all the Duggars, so it hit hard.

Everything Jim Bob knows about real estate, he learned from his mother. Many times, they worked on projects together. Not only did Mary teach her son, but she also taught her Counting On daughter-in-law. Michelle is very business savvy and the couple profited very nicely on different real estate deals.

Mary Duggar had a lot of experience as a real estate agent and many people wonder how much she left behind after her mysterious death. Viewers of Counting On, now airing Tuesdays on TLC, wonder if she had a family trust or if the Duggars are tied up in probate court.

Counting On: Grandma Mary Duggar

How Did the Family Learn About the Death?

Jim Bob Duggar of Counting On shared how he learned of Mary Duggar’s death. His sister, Deanna Duggar, called and said to come over quickly because their mom died. Deanna found their mother in her swimming pool. It looks like she slipped and fell in and then drowned. That shook all the Duggars since she was so healthy.

But, Michelle said that you never know how long you’re going to live. The family is ultra-religious, so instead of mourning, they had a celebration of Mary’s life. That doesn’t mean they weren’t sad and crying. But it also means they remembered the good times with Mary Duggar from Counting On.

The death did shake the family, but it doesn’t look like it shook their faith. They are still strongly holding to their beliefs that everything works out according to God’s plans. There wasn’t much else said about the accident except that it was tragic and that it was indeed an accident – and we might hear Grandma Mary mentioned on Counting On this season.

Counting On: Grandma Mary Duggar

Counting On: Remembering Grandma

Recently it was the one-year anniversary of Mary Duggar’s passing. The Counting On cast shared photos and sweet memories. Jessa Duggar said that her grandma was a feisty woman that loved the Lord. It seems like everyone in the family was close to her and misses her greatly.

Jinger flew in from Los Angeles with her husband Jeremy Vuolo and daughter Felicity. She helped her mom with the funeral planning and picking out Mary’s dress. Jinger was very close to her grandmother Mary, so it seemed to have hit her hard and she shared some sweet words as well.

The family banned together and supported each other through this time. Mary’s tragic accident made for a sad season of their show. Now, with the next season of Counting On, fans hope for a happier season for the Duggars.

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