‘Counting On’ Fans Suggest Jill Duggar Avoids Big ‘D’ and Jim Bob’s Wrath Via Self-Help Book?

Counting On alum Jill Duggar may have planted a seed in the minds of fans with her latest reveal via an Instagram post. Or at least that is how some Duggar fans see it. Others are even questioning if the  27-year-old is still married to her husband Derick Dillard. In Touch Weekly asked that question in an article published recently.

Counting On Former Favorite Plants a Seed

This comes on the heels of Jill Duggar’s post where she claims to be “loving” a new book she is reading. She shared a picture of the book online and the title is easily seen.

Counting On - Jill Duggar Dillard

Jill is not only reading Letters to My Daughter: The Art of Being a Wife,  but she is “loving” it as well. The description of the book was found by doing a quick search on Amazon by media sleuths. So what is the book that Duggar is “loving” all about?

Divorce Discouraged By Book and Jim Bob Duggar

It sounds as if this book explores marriage from both its ups and its downs. The book also discourages divorce. The big “D” is something the patriarch of the Dugger family not only discourages, but he’s adamantly against.

If Jill did hint at marriage problems in her latest post, she’s probably also thinking of her father. Possibly avoiding the wrath of the Duggar patriarch is her driving force for turning to a book for help? Although, Jill has been known to be a bit rebellious when it comes to her father’s religious and family rules.

Is Jill Duggar Counting On Self-Help Book to Save Marriage?

Once the content of the book was revealed fans took Jill’s Instagram post as a hint of things to come. She boasts 1.6 million followers on her Instagram account, so it only stands to reason that many have seen this post. A bestselling author, who is also a radio personality, penned the self-help-type book. The author’s name is Barbara Rainy.

The description reads,  “Dismayed by Hollywood depictions of marriage and the seemingly easy solution of divorce, she sees a desperate need for a voice of experience, a mentor who has been there and understands — and can encourage, coach, and care.”

Harbors Angst

In Touch suggests that Jill does have a reason to harbor some angst toward her hubby. After all, the man is responsible for the end of Counting On for Jill as well as himself. His skewed views got the couple booted off the show. Dillard has a tendency to tweet his thoughts and those thoughts got him in hot water with the producers.


His transphobic tweets were the ticket off Counting On for the couple. It looks like Jill is yet another reality show wife who believes in standing by your man. Much like MTV’s reality show Teen Mom 2’s star, Jenelle Evans. She too stands by her man after he was booted from that show for the same type of tweets.

Dillard didn’t stop there, he continued on with his campaign. He tweeted the same type of disparaging comments a few more times since his firing. Jill has hinted online that she doesn’t always agree with her husband views.

Jill Has Own View After Counting On Boot?

Back in May Jill took to Instagram to write her thoughts on the subject. She said, “To disagree doesn’t equal hate or judgment. Love doesn’t always equal approval. Just because I disagree with my child on something doesn’t mean I hate him, and just because I love and forgive him doesn’t mean I approve of everything he does. You can be friends with, love, and care for people you don’t agree with 100%.”

Today it looks as if Jill may be facing another dilemma if her sudden infatuation with this self-help book is any indication. As part of the strictly religious Duggar family, divorce is not in their vocabulary. With that said, it is Jim Bob who expects his brood to follow his teachings in which divorce has no place in this world.


Is the 27-year-old navigating through an unhappy marriage? Is this self-help book intended to be her roadmap for doing so? Some of the Duggar family fans certainly think this is the case. Why else would she be reading a book for inspiration about marriage, one that offers thoughts on avoiding divorce?

While Jill’s post seemed to offer a hint of marriage problems to some of the fans, what are her other posts saying? Most of the images online of Jill and her little family seem to depict happiness. Much like the post above. There’s always a chance that Jill just liked the book for its views on marriage. They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but you can also spin those words to match the picture!

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