‘Counting On’: Fans Compare Michelle Duggar to Infamous Celebrity Mom

Counting On’s Michelle Duggar reminds fans and critics of a very infamous celebrity mom. And people are freaked out about the similarities between Michelle and the other mother.

Counting On: Michelle Duggar Sells Kids Out

Critics of Michelle Duggar say she and Kris Jenner are two sides to the same coin. They went on to say that both Michelle and Kris think they are better than the other, but that’s not true. The Duggars think they are more righteous than the Kardashians. But the Kardashians think they are more sophisticated.

Some people say that Michelle Duggar is even worse than Kris Jenner. At least Kris let all her children develop skills so they can fend for themselves if necessary. All of Michelle Duggar’s daughters are stuck at home until they find a husband. And then it’s all about taking care of the kids.

Viewers of Counting On say that they would rather have Kris as a mother over Michelle. This is mostly because Kris allows her kids to have their own lives to some extent and doesn’t pick who they marry.

Counting On: Kris Jenner - Michelle Duggar

Joy-Anna Duggar Struggles to Talk about Stillbirth

One of the biggest issues people watching Counting On had lately was Joy-Anna Duggar struggling to talk about her baby’s stillbirth. Yes, she is pregnant again right now, as is her sister Jinger, but viewers don’t think she looks like she wanted to talk about her baby’s death on camera.

In fact, many believe that producers and possibly her parents pushed her to talk about these hard things. Even her sister Jinger Duggar is talking about her miscarriage on Counting On. But she looks like she’s having a difficult time with that as well.

The fact that these parents sold their children’s stories to make money is what people are so upset about. They say that even if Michelle thinks she’s holier than Kris—she’s wrong.

Counting On: Kris Jenner - Jim Bob Duggar - Michelle Duggar

Counting On: Jim Bob Duggar and Michelle Taking Over

After the major scandal with Josh Duggar and the molestation of his little sisters and other women, 19 and Counting went off the air. Later, TLC put on Counting On to follow Jinger and Jill’s life. Not long after that, Jill Duggar Dillard left the TLC show.

In fact, Jill’s husband, Derick Dillard, said that family patriarch, Jim Bob Duggar, was running the show. And that no one but Jim Bob was getting payment. He was handing out gifts as he saw fit. But that was it.

Now, it seems like Jim Bob and Michelle are taking over the latest season of Counting On. Fans are sick of seeing this couple and want to watch the kids now that they are grown up. It’s unlikely that Michelle Duggar will stop showing up on the show. But you can watch more on Tuesday nights on TLC at 8 pm.

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