‘Counting On’: Can Joseph Duggar Support His Family After Car Lot Closure?

Counting On‘s Joseph Duggar has a growing family. He and his wife Kendra Duggar have two young children. And many people wonder how the young Duggar family is making ends meet after the car lot closure. They don’t have enough going on with social media to really make much of a difference if they’re relying on influencer work for income.

Counting On: Joseph Duggar Dips His Toe In the Family Business

After the car lot trouble, Joseph Duggar – plus Josh and Josiah from Counting On – no longer have that source of income. And Josh and his family are known to live on the mainland in the Duggar’s warehouse. Now, Joseph Duggar from Counting On is following in his dad and grandma’s footsteps and getting into real estate.

Jim Bob Duggar and Grandma Mary both had their RE licenses at some point. Joseph hasn’t shared publicly that he is an agent. But Joseph is the buyer’s agent of record on Mary’s house that sold recently. When the family put her house on the market, they listed it for $489,000 and this is Joseph’s biggest commission yet, as far as we can see.

Counting On - Joseph Duggar - Kendra Caldwell

Does Jim Bob Duggar Help Support His Adult Children?

Fans of Counting On wonder if Jim Bob is still supporting his grown children. Since the car lot is no longer running and doesn’t look like it’ll reopen, has he been helping out Joseph and Kendra Duggar? Many people know that the family employs Jessa’s husband Ben as a tutor. And John-David makes most of his money from flying his Dad and Mom.

Other members of the family also work for the Duggar patriarch and matriarch. But it is unclear if Joseph Duggar has enough money coming in from real estate to stay afloat. The only children we are sure can take care of themselves are Jill and Derrick Dillard – and also Jinger and Jeremy Vuolo.

Counting On: Jana Duggar - Jim Bob Duggar

Will Counting On Season 11 Reveal More Duggar Secrets – Maybe on Joseph?

During the 11th season of Counting On that airs on TLC Tuesday nights at 9 pm, fans expect to learn more shockers – maybe on Joseph. Some seasons are more dramatic than others. But fans anticipate something out of the ordinary each time the Duggars come on the scene.

With five ladies pregnant in 2019, there is sure to be a lot to talk about. And a lot of nail-biting during the birthing scenes as the cast continues to grow. And maybe we’ll find out more about Joseph Duggar, Kendra Duggar, and how their finances are doing now.

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