‘Counting On’: Ben Seewald Shares Sweet Moment with Daughter – See Pics

Counting On star Ben Seewald recently posted pictures from a sweet moment he shared with his daughter. He and his wife Jessa Duggar are now parents to three young children. Running around having to take care of little ones can’t be easy. But, it seems like Ben is able to have a little daddy and daughter time.

Counting On: Ben Seewald and Jessa Duggar Welcome Baby #3

Last year, Ben Seewald and his spouse Jessa Duggar entered into new territory. The Counting On parents welcomed their first daughter, and named her Ivy Jane Seewald. He and Jessa already had two boys, Spurgeon and Henry. Jessa had an at-home birth. However,  she had experienced an unexpected delivery. She said that they were getting ready to go to church when her water broke. Ivy had decided to come early. Jessa also said that she was the tiniest at birth out of her children.

The Counting On reality star’s daughter is now a one-year-old and growing every day. Ben Seewald said that he is “thankful” for his daughter Ivy. He also said that she is a “gift from God.” However, when it comes to her brothers, she just wants to be like one of the boys. Ben said that she likes to follow her brothers around. Wherever they go, Ivy wants to be right with them.

Counting On: Ben Seewald - Jessa Duggar - Spurgeon Seewald - Henry Seewald - Ivy Seewald

Ben & Jessa Take Kids on Road Trip

Ben Seewald and his other half Jessa Duggar braved a long drive for their first family of five road trip. They drove from their home in Arkansas to Kansas City to meet up with their friends. Road trips with three young children aren’t easy. But, Jessa shared a few tips on how she is able to keep her children occupied during a long drive. Her mom hack is to bring along snacks and a few toys. And it seems to work.

The Counting On family first made a stop at an apple farm. Ben Seewald and his family had a great time picking apples. The Seewald crew then made a stop at the zoo. There was a lot of walking in the zoo. But, it didn’t seem to be too much to handle for the little ones. At the time, Jessa Duggar was still nursing Ivy. But, she didn’t let that slow her down. Overall, the Seewald’s enjoyed their trip.

Counting On: Ben Seewald - Ivy Jane Seewald

Counting On Celeb Shares Precious Time with Daughter

Ben Seewald had a lot to learn about raising a girl when his daughter was born. He and Jessa Duggar were only used to raising boys. Although, Jessa has helped raised a lot of her little sisters. So, there is a good chance that she wasn’t totally lost. Despite being first-time parents to a girl, the Counting On duo have been doing a great job.

The Counting On cast member recently shared pictures of himself and Ivy Jane Seewald together. Ben Seewald said that “some of the sweetest moments” are with his daughter in the morning. With two boys always running around, Ben still seems to find time to spend precious moments with his daughter. Being the firstborn daughter, Ivy might just be a daddy’s girl.

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