‘Counting On’: Anna Duggar’s Baby Maryella Newborn to 7 Months Update

Counting On‘s Anna Duggar shared some photos of baby Maryella Duggar. We put together some photos of her from birth to 7 months old. She’s been developing very nicely. And it seems like she’s enjoying being the 6th child of Josh Duggar and Anna.

Counting On: Anna Duggar Is Thankful for Her Little One

Anna Duggar from Counting On recently shared a photo of baby Maryella saying, “It’s a beautiful day to be 7 months old!” Baby’s smile is enough to be infectious. She looks like she is happy and healthy. We see pretty many photos of the little one.

Looking at pics over the last few months, you can see she how quickly she’s grown. When baby Maryella was born, she was 8 pounds and 2 oz. And she was 20.5 inches. That’s a pretty big baby, but being the 6th baby—mom is a pro.

On Anna Duggar’s 32nd birthday, she shared a picture and said that she spent part of her day with her kids. She also noted that she spent some time with her controversial husband Josh of Counting On. It does seem like Anna is grateful for her little bundle of joy, but many fans wonder if she has a choice.

Counting On: Baby Maryella

Baby Maryella Enters the Family

Baby Maryella came on the scene after everyone found out about her father’s past. Many fans of Counting On were surprised that Anna would have another baby with him. It seems like they have moved past all of the drama. Fans of the Duggar family defend Josh and applaud Anna Duggar for staying with him.

They do have a lot of kids together, which would make it difficult to go through a big divorce, but others wonder why she’s staying. Many people that have children get divorces and are able to make it through. Others say it’s easy to understand because they aren’t supposed to get divorced according to their beliefs.

Despite what fans say, Counting On’s baby Maryella isn’t old enough to know about the drama she’s born into. And all we can hope is that she’ll keep her innocence as long as possible.

Counting On: Baby Maryella

Counting On Continues Without Maryella Duggar – But Anna’s There

Some wondered if Anna Duggar would be on this season of Counting On. Some wondered if TLC wanted to distance themselves from the Josh drama. Others believe she doesn’t want to be out in the spotlight right now. Despite those concerns, we’ll see Anna on Counting On that airs Tuesday nights at 8 pm on TLC.

Other cast members are missing from the roster, though. Some people wonder if Derick Dillard, Jill Duggar got to them. But it seems like they are just trying to branch out and do their own thing.

Even without some of the cast returning, there is still plenty of Duggar fun to come. Jeremy Vuolo and Jinger Duggar look like they are going to be one of the top couples to follow in this new season.

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