‘Counting On’: Anna Duggar Pregnant – Fans Spot Her in Maternity Dress? [Photo]

Counting On and Anna Duggar fans are so infatuated with this family that they instantly noticed Anna in a recycled maternity dress. Yep, it is the same maternity dress she wore during her last pregnancy and she has it on in a new photo.

Counting On Fans Don’t Miss a Trick with Anna Duggar

Anna Duggar and her husband Josh are 30-year-old parents with five kids already. It looks as though there’s more to a recent Counting On family pic than meets the eye. Anna posted the photo on Instagram and it’s enticed the masses!

The Counting On super-fans think this picture doubled for a subtle announcement, suggests Hollywood Life. They believe it shares the message that Anna Duggar is pregnant once again.

Counting On’s Josh and Anna Duggar have a decade of marriage under their belts, as the couple celebrated their 10-year anniversary back in June. If Anna’s maternity dress is any indication, then Anna Duggar is pregnant and this will make baby number 6.

Anna Duggar Pregnant Last Year In Same Maternity Dress

It was around this time last year viewers saw Anna Duggar pregnant. She gave birth to Mason Garrett, who is coming up on a birthday next week. The soon-to-be 1-year-old has four older siblings. They are Mackynzie, 8, Michael, 7, Marcus, 5, and Meredith, 3. Below is a post from last year when Anna wore the same dress that she wore in a Labor Day photo over the weekend. This is the same dress Counting On watchers think reveals the secret today that baby number six is on board.

The couple also lost a baby due to a miscarriage and this is something they never forget. When they give thanks for their five kids, which they’ve done in the past, they also remember the baby Anna miscarried.

Leave it to the fans of the Duggar family as well as the Counting On viewers to spot a dress that Anna Duggar wore a year ago. This is not the only subtle baby announcement the fans eyed recently within this family.

Counting On Fans Find Another Secret Baby Announcement?

Another picture that popped up online a few days ago started the same type of rumors swirling. The photo showed Josiah Duggar, 22 and his 19-year-old wife Lauren Swanson.

In that picture, Josiah was staring down at Lauren’s stomach. Fans of Counting On took this as another hint to a baby on the way. Yes, the Duggar family is having babies right and left, but this is all part of this family’s mission.

Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar raised their kids to marry young and multiply. With that said, it’s expected to happen in that exact order. The family has some extremely strict dating rules. Come back to Soap Dirt often for more Counting On and Dugger News.