‘Counting On’: Anna Duggar’s Brother Nathan Keller and Bride Nurie Rodrigues – See Wedding Pics

Counting On‘s Anna Duggar‘s brother Nathan Keller recently married Nurie Rodrigues. Not long ago, the couple told everyone about their engagement. And Nurie’s mother, Jill Rodrigues, said the two were saving their first kiss until their wedding day.

Counting On: Nathan Keller Marries Nurie Rodrigues

Fans of Counting On are wondering if Anna Duggar is going to be in any of the wedding pictures. So far, she didn’t post any photos of her with Nathan Keller and his now Wife, Nurie Rodrigues. It seems like Nathan’s finally got his girl and is able to kiss her, but did his sister attend?

Viewers believe that Anna Duggar did go to the wedding. Recently she shared photos of her little girl Meredith Duggar getting prepared for a wedding. Viewers of Counting On believe that was when the wedding happened. It seems like things are a little under wraps.

Anna Duggar only shared anything about the wedding recently. And it was only a photo the two had done professionally. In fact, it just said congratulations Nathan and Nurie. For Anna of Counting On, this is a little strange. As a matter of fact, she’s usually the one that is very gushy.

Counting On: Nathan Keller - Nurie Rodrigues

Nurie Rodrigues’ Family Is Happy About Her Marriage

People that are familiar with the Duggar family from the tv series Counting On and other families featured on TLC think the wedding is being taped for Welcome to Plathville. The reason this would be the case is because two of the Plath girls were in the wedding.

Many say that Nurie’s parents Jill and David Rodrigues are very excited about their daughter’s marriage. Some people think it is because Nathan Keller is a nice guy. And other people think it is because Nathan Keller is related to Anna Duggar. Having a connection to the Duggar family from Counting On is somewhat like marrying royalty in their circles.

Jill has had a goal to get her family on the TLC network for a long time, so she might think that she finally has her shot.

Counting On: Nathan Keller - Nurie Rodrigues

Counting On: Anna Duggar Wishes Her Brother Nathan Keller Well

Fans that knew the wedding took place between Nurie Rodrigues and Nathan Keller wondered why Anna was staying silent. She didn’t post any photos or announce anything. This is pretty normal, however. TLC does its best to keep everyone quiet until the episodes air. This last season of Counting On that airs on TLC Tuesday nights at 8 pm hasn’t been too much of a surprise since everyone is posting on social.

Many people think the network is trying to get people to be a little quieter on their social accounts. In fact, most people wonder if they are worrying it’s going to hurt their ratings because of all the leaks and spoilers.

Whatever the case, Anna Duggar did a post about her brother and did congratulate him. Maybe later, she’ll be able to post more for him when she can.

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