‘Counting On’: Amy Duggar’s Ban From Family Over – Healed by Baby Daxton?

Counting On enthusiasts know the rough road Amy Duggar King faced with her family – and a long-rumored ban issued by patriarch Jim Bob Duggar. But some stories are making the rounds now implying she’s still the family black sheep – and it’s all a churn of info nearly four years old. Here’s the latest on Amy King and how baby Daxton King may have healed the rift in the Duggar family.

Counting On: Amy Duggar King Still a Maverick – But Time Heals Wounds

Lately, fans have been asking if Amy Duggar King is still banned from her 19 Kids and Counting family. It seems that two events in her life have changed her dynamic with Jim Bob and Jill Duggar.

Although Amy Duggar’s not shared pics of the rest of the clan on her social, they chime in with likes on her posts. Now, she shares some insights into what’s going on in her life with Dillon King and their son Daxton Ryan King. Recently, Amy posted a throwback pregnancy pic, exciting Counting On fans.

Amy Duggar shared in that pic (below) some of her thoughts on 2019 and hopes for 2020. Amy King also got fans excited with another post that had them confused about a possible baby number two. Here’s the latest info on her and what’s happening with her Counting On family.

Counting On: Amy Duggar King

Amy Duggar Pregnancy Chatter – Big Life Changes

On Valentine’s Day, Amy King shared a post about her pregnancy with Daxton. She said that they found out this time in 2019 that she was pregnant and called it a “surreal moment”. But Counting On followers read it as a new pregnancy announcement and showered her with congratulations.

However, there’s no Amy Duggar King pregnancy news. She’s not pregnant – at least not yet. But two significant life events affected her – and also the other Duggars. And these may have changed Jim Bob’s outlook on shunning Amy King and keeping her from the Counting On cousins.

Also remember, that news came out four years ago. Yet, for some reason, some sites report it as new info that Amy King wasn’t allowed to be alone with cousins. See what changed in her Duggar’s life – and the extended Counting On family that may have smoothed out things.

Counting On: Duggar Family - Daxton King

Counting On – Grandma Passed and Baby Daxton King Born – Changed Amy King Forever

Recently, Amy Duggar King talked about suddenly losing her grandmother Mary Duggar. She said, losing her grandma “unexpectedly was devastating”. Her grandmother died when Amy was pregnant with Daxton. The Counting On alum said it was “so much grief and outrageous joy at the same time”.

No doubt, losing Mary was heartwrenching for all the Duggars. Between that and Amy King giving birth to her first child may have helped repair the rift in the Counting On clan. Because when she delivered Daxton in October 2019, the Duggars said, “we can’t wait for all the snuggled” and hashtagged it “cousin love”.

That sure doesn’t sound like there’s a big chilly wall between Amy Duggar King and her family anymore. Then, a month later, the family told her she’s “doing an incredible job as a new mommy”. And that came with a photo of Daxton with some of the other Duggar grandkids.

So, it looks like things may be healing with her and the Duggars.

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