‘Counting On’: Abbie and John Duggar’s Secret to Keeping Baby Safe From COVID Risk

Counting On‘s Abbie Burnett Duggar and husband John David Duggar are keeping baby safe from COVID risks in their own way. Many people know the couple went to a large Duggar family gathering during the pandemic. So, what are they doing to make sure the sweet little one, baby Grace Annette Duggar, doesn’t get sick?

Counting On: John Duggar Says It’s Grocery Delivery for Their Family

Not too long ago, we saw a photo of Abbie Duggar shopping with their young child. But it seems since things are going crazy with the pandemic, they are staying in. John Duggar says they are ordering groceries so they stay away from the large crowds and germs.

It seems like a lot of people have the same idea because the couple from Counting On shared that it was going to be the next week before the order arrived. Planning out the next week looks like the best strategy if you’re trying to avoid going to the grocery store.

Counting On: Abbie Duggar - John David Duggar

Abbie Duggar Tries to Stay Healthy for Baby

Abbie and her hubby John of Counting On are doing their best to stay healthy during this time. Young babies are often kept inside because of germs anyway. But it’s even more serious now with a pandemic going on. John Duggar described grocery shopping as a whole new world, even though Arkansas never went under lockdown.

The family is doing their best to social distance during this time. The one instance when fans spotted them at Michelle and Jim Bob’s house sent fans into an uproar. Ever since then, it doesn’t look like they’ve been hanging out with the rest of the crowd from Counting On.

Counting On: Abbie Duggar - Grace Duggar

Counting On: Get Ready to See Gracie’s Birth on Season 11

Everyone is excited for the 11th season of Counting On that airs Tuesdays at 9 pm on TLC. The first episode of the season will be on June 30th. Many fans can’t wait to see Abbie Duggar and the other mothers give birth. This season shows five different ladies that are having babies.

Duggar fans love seeing the new bundles of joy and this season is not going to disappoint. Many people didn’t expect the season to start this early. But it looks like the network is a little hard up for content because of the COVID situation. Much of the season is going to show the different families apart from each other while they practice social distancing.

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