‘Chasing the Cure’: Ann Curry Crowdsources Mystery Aliments – Can You Help With Diagnosis?

Chasing the Cure, hosted by Ann Curry, offers up hope for those out there with debilitating symptoms and no known diagnosis despite seeking medical help. Crowdsourcing’s disrupted many industries, so why not the medical field. The show shares these strange symptoms with people across the nation and also with a wide array of medical professionals as they chase answers.

The show, with host Ann Curry, is offered on both TNT and TBS on Thursday nights. So tune in to watch the premiere of Chasing the Cure as it rolls out Thursday, August 8.

Ann Curry and Chasing the Cure Ask Who Can Help Out There?

People across the country can go to the website for Chasing the Cure and describe their symptoms. Already, tons of people have done this. By giving only your first name and attaching a photo to the message, the case is posted for others to see. Then, viewers and medical experts can offer any info they might have regarding the case.

Once other people recognize someone else’s symptoms as the same as their own or someone they know, they can offer up comments. It seems the hope is people with similar conditions can possibly help solve these medical mysteries.

Each week the show highlights a few cases with Ann Curry facilitating the conversation. If doctors can’t put their finger on a diagnosis for those symptoms that you, a friend, or loved one experience, maybe someone out there can. Chasing the Cure is crowdsourcing at its best.

Medical Mysteries Unfold

In the days before the world got smaller via technology, you might mention to a friend how a symptom you experience baffled your doctor. You were in luck if that friend knew someone with a similar case. Now, multiply that by millions because people now have a place to ask the masses. Chasing the Cure is banking on someone out there experiencing similar symptoms to cases they post. And also for those maladies they highlight on the episodes.

The series, which will air on Thursday nights, is a two-fold approach. Not only do everyday people offer up their experiences, but doctors also stand by and field the communication coming from the viewers. When the viewers offer something promising in their messages, the doctors pass the relevant comments along as the live show plays out with Ann Curry in the driver’s site.

One media outlet compares Chasing the Cure to the show House M.D. where a diverse team of doctors cracked the code on strange cases. But this plays out in real-time as the mysteries unfold for each case. They’ll communicate via social media so there’s lots of tech involved that’s all live and rapid-fire. It remains to be seen how well this works. If it does, it’ll disrupt medical diagnostics for certain.

Chasing the Cure: Flip or Flop Host Shares Crowdsourced Miracle Cure

HGTV star Tarek El Moussa from Flip or Flop unintentionally benefited from a crowdsourcing-like event himself. He believes he owes his life to his TV audience. One viewer alerted Tarek about a lump on his neck she’d spotted on TV. The viewer happened to be a nurse and she messaged El Moussa about the bulge on his thyroid. When he got the message, he headed to the doctor.

Tarek had full-blown stage-three thyroid cancer, he reports in a promo for Chasing the Cure. Thanks to the helpful viewer, he got the life-saving medical attention he needed. He says if that nurse from Texas hadn’t sent him that email, there’s a chance he wouldn’t be here today.

Now, Ann Curry hots as people from the vast TV audience will have the same chance to help others. Those experiencing mystery ailments might have their symptoms recognized via the show. In addition to viewers chiming in, doctors from around the nation will also offer their medical opinions via social media. Tune in tonight to TNT and TBS for the premiere of this groundbreaking real-life medical drama.

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