‘Celebrity Big Brother’ Spoilers: Tom Green Cam Talks About LowKey Game Play – Reveals Mooch Mole?

Celebrity Big Brother spoilers show Tom Green enjoying his time on CBB US 2. The comedian has proven to be a source of entertainment for live feed viewers and casuals, alike. Tom Green dressed up in props and costumes, talked game with Kato Kaelin and even revealed Anthony Scaramucci to be a mole.

Celebrity Big Brother Spoilers: Tom Green Enjoying Himself In The House

Being cut off from the outside world has not stopped Tom Green from enjoying himself. Celebrity Big Brother spoilers reveal Tom busied himself last night by pretending to be an osprey in the kitchen. More accurately, a ‘cereal box osprey.’ He was screeching and waving cereal boxes in the air.

Tom Green then found himself in an empty HoH room late last night and decided to mess around. He opened a box of props and started dressing up, getting into different characters. Time in the Celebrity Big Brother house moves slowly, so he instructed fans in a lesson on how to use the showers correctly.

Afterward, Tom gave feeders a quick show this morning by plugging his microphone into his keyboard and playing some music. Production let him mess around for a little bit before cutting him off.

Tom Green Thinks Anthony Scaramucci was a CBB Mole

Tom Green informed viewers that he thinks the Mooch was indeed a mole planted by production. Soap Dirt Celebrity Big Brother spoilers was first to report that Anthony Scaramucci never intended to make it far in the game, especially because he had planned on attending a global financial summit in Devos, Switzerland.

Anthony’s picture on the memory wall was officially turned to black and white and Tom called him a mole. He stated, “he pulled a hilarious prank on us, Big Brother, you got us!”

Tom went on to say how shocked he was to find out Mooch was a Celebrity Big Brother mole. They had been spending a lot of time together and he did not see it coming at all.

Kato Kaelin and Tom Green Talk CBB Strategy

Kato Kaelin used his veto to pull his buddy Tom Green off the block, saving him from eviction. In order to not look super close, the duo discussed faking a blow-up between them. This is in hopes that the fight would hide the fact that they are in an alliance together. Kato and Tom finished the conversation quickly in the Celebrity Big Brother HoH room so no one saw them spending too much time with each other.

Tom and Kato have been talking with Natalie Eva Marie and Lolo Jones about linking up to become a foursome. Kato told Natalie that they will keep the girls safe if either of them wins next week’s HoH.  Later, the two were in the kitchen asking one of the cameras questions. It seemed as though they were pretending it was a magic eight ball.

The first live eviction episode airs this Friday and either Kandi Burruss, Jonathan Bennett or Joey Lawrence will be the first CBB US 2 celeb to be evicted.

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