‘Celebrity Big Brother’ Spoilers: Tamar Braxton Has Meltdown Over Lock Up – Revealed to be BB Super Fan?

Celebrity Big Brother spoilers show Tamar Braxton appeared to have a meltdown over being on lockdown while sequestered. In a recent interview with Entertainment Canada, Tamar also expressed her excitement about being on the show. She even revealed herself to be a superfan.

Celebrity Big Brother Spoilers: Tamar Braxton Has Meltdown During Sequester For CBB

According to a source inside CBS, one of the Celebrity Big Brother houseguests had a tantrum several nights ago. Fans speculated that it was Dina Lohan that was causing trouble for the crew, but Vegas confirmed it was Tamar Braxton. Although she did say that the celebs were getting alcohol, so that might bring out the drama in Dina.

Celebrity Big Brother spoilers revealed it to be Tamar Braxton. The star had a meltdown because each one has to be locked in their hotel rooms. The celebrities know that they are not allowed to leave, but Tamar did not care. She reportedly told a PA that they were “breaking the law” by keeping her in there. They each signed a contract agreeing to the rules.

It will be interesting to see how Tamar handles the Celebrity Big Brother house. Since there will be constant competition sets being built and torn down, it is very likely the celebs will have very little yard time. That means being stuck inside with 11 other people in close quarters!

Bring on the Drama

Tamar Braxton, along with fellow celeb houseguest, Kandi Burruss are no strangers to reality television drama. Tamar appears in Braxton Family Values with her sisters and Kandi reins supreme on The Real Housewives of Atlanta.

It is a no brainer that throwing these two into a house filled with other celebrities like Dina Lohan and Anthony Scaramucci will result in some big blowups. Celebrity Big Brother spoilers cannot wait to see what happens!

Tamar Braxton Revealed as a Super Fan

Tamar Braxton sat down for a one-on-one interview with ET Canada’s Ika Wong. She explained that she has been watching Big Brother since season one and has wanted to be on the show since CBB US 1. Tamar dominated the interview and left fans excited for the show’s premiere.

The reality star and singer described herself as very chill and calm, a huge contrast from her television persona. She plans on keeping a bubble surrounding her that very little can penetrate in order to keep her head in the game. While she does not have a set strategy, Tamar says she is going to see what is going around her before forming one.

Tamar’s superfan came out when Ika Wong told her she was on Big Brother Canada. She asked her for tips on getting past sequester and even her best slop recipe! She wants to get the full BB experience!

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