‘Celebrity Big Brother’ Spoilers: Ricky Williams Wins First PoV – Girls Want to Kill Bromance

Celebrity Big Brother spoilers reveal Ricky Williams won the first Power of Veto competition in CBB US. The ex-NFLer laid low and did not make any big moves to stir up the house and place a target on his back. In other news, Tamar Braxton, Natalie Eva Marie, and Lolo Jones discuss breaking up the Jonathan Bennett-Ryan Lochte duo.

Celebrity Big Brother Spoilers: Ricky Williams Scores a TD With PoV

Ricky Williams has been playing a quiet game so far in the CBB US house. The former NFL running back was hardly in last night’s episode and the lack of attention could be a good thing for his game. The first PoV competition was called “Giddy Up”.

This comp could be similar to the “Veto Express” in Big Brother 16 where houseguests had to spin around on their horses and get dizzy. Then, they had to try to complete a task.

It was definitely a horse-themed comp because houseguests complained about aching backsides on the Live Feeds. With the golden Power of Veto in hand, Ricky Williams must decide whether he should make a bold move, or step back and watch how things unfold.

Ricky Williams Does NOT Use the Power of Veto in CBB US

By not using the veto and keeping nominations the same, Ricky Williams kept his game play subtle. Celebrity Big Brother is just getting started and Ricky has no established alliance from what we have seen so far.

Why ruffle feathers by making HoH Ryan Lochte pick another nominee? His decision locks nominations for the week, but Anthony Scaramucci leaving messes up the rest of the plan.

Now, instead of sitting back and riding out the rest of his Head of Household rein, Ryan had to get more blood on his hands. He has to choose someone else to sit up on the block next to Jonathan Bennett and Tom Green.

As it stands now, Ricky didn’t use the PoV, but The Mooch leaving left an open seat – Ryan nommed Kandi Burruss. A second veto comp will help Tom Green get off the block. Joey Lawrence is the replacement nom.

Tamar Braxton, Eva Marie & Lolo Jones Target Bromance

It seems like the female half of the six-person alliance is rethinking aligning with Ryan Lochte and Jonathan Bennett. On the live feeds, Tamar Braxton, Lolo Jones, and Eva Marie talked about cutting the guys loose during a discussion in the bedroom today.

According to Eva Marie, the guys did not include them in any big decisions until they got upset about it. The three women have also kept Kandi Burruss on the outs after her squabble with Tamar happened earlier.

It’s only a matter of time before the two engage in a serious cat-fight that will make for great TV. Plus, the guys are a power pair since Ryan Lochte has the brawn and Jonathan Bennett has the brains. As Lochte said – Jonathan must be smart since he knows about cupcakes…

First Successful All-Girls Alliance Ever in CBB History?

In the past, Celebrity Big Brother and Big Brother houseguests tried and failed at a winning all-girls alliance. There is just something about all the females working together in the house that fails and no one has figured out why.

Especially with the current drama between Tamar Braxton and Kandi Burruss, it is very unlikely the girls will last long, if at all. Lolo Jones and her ally Eva Marie might split off from the fueding celebs and cement their own F2 deal.

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