‘Celebrity Big Brother’ Spoilers: Natalie Eva Marie Wins PoV – Girls May Backstab Tom and Kato

Celebrity Big Brother spoilers reveal Natalie Eva Marie as the Power of Veto winner. The former WWE wrestler and Total Divas star secured her safety, but now has a big decision to make. To use the PoV or let nominations stay the same. Natalie and Lolo Jones have also been considering betraying their alliance members Tom Green and Kato Kaelin before the guys beat them to it.

Celebrity Big Brother: Natalie Eva Marie Wins Power of Veto Competition

Natalie Eva Marie has kept a low profile on CBB US this season. She is a physical threat and appears to be very clever too. She stayed under the radar in most comps – although she did come second in one HoH – and stayed out of the direct drama. Her F2 ride or die is Lolo Jones – who is confrontational enough for the both of them!

Last night, things changed on Celebrity Big Brother when Natalie won her first comp, the Power of Veto. Since she and Lolo are tight with HoH Tom Green and his F2 Kato Kaelin, she did not need to win it. They do have a final four deal, after all. With the PoV win, she may have revealed herself as a threat in the game. As of now, she does not plan to use it, but Tom has a sinister plan brewing if she does.

Natalie and Lolo Jones Consider Backstabbing CBB US Alliance Members

Natalie Eva Marie and Lolo Jones have what seems to be a solid final four deal with Kato Kaelin and Tom Green since the second HoH. Their group consisted of everything one needs on any season of Big Brother for success. Brains, brawn, and personality. Lolo and Natalie have the brawn, Tom has the brains and Kato has the likable personality covered.

Too bad things do not seem to be going in the right direction for the four CBB US celebrities. Lolo and Natalie have considered going against the two, most likely due to recent paranoia that has overtaken the Celebrity Big Brother house.

HoH Tom is at the heart of it. The two women discussed the possibility that Tom and Kato are just using them as pawns. They talked about getting rid of them before they try and do it first. Things might come to a messy end for the foursome.

Tom Green & Kato Kaelin Talk Backdooring Lolo Jones

Kato Kaelin and Tom Green are also questioning their fellow CBB US alliance members. This morning the two threw out the idea of backdooring Lolo Jones this week.

Tom said they should convince Natalie Eva Marie to use the veto by claiming they will backdoor Tamar Braxton who holds a secret power. Not that anyone knows for sure that she has the Celebrity Big Brother Power of the Publicist.

If Natalie uses the Celebrity Big Brother veto, Tom told Kato Kaelin that they could put Lolo Jones up instead in a shocking blindside. The two would essentially backstab the girls while they are still in power. This is so they can guarantee they can beat whoever ends up in the actual final four.

Kato told Tom Green he still trusts the girls and they should backdoor Celebrity Big Brother houseguest Ricky Williams instead. It should be interesting to see what Natalie Eva Marie does with her PoV, whether Lolo Jones blows up, and how HoH Tom Green responds on CBB US.

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